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Is it True that Publishing Products to your Site First, then to Other Shops, Improves SEO?

publishing products

Is it True that Publishing Products to your Site First, then to Other Shops, Improves SEO?

Have you ever been asked yourself what is the benefits of digital marketing, and how can you improve the SEO of your site by publishing products on your site first before publishing to other retailers?


Let’s read this article to learn more about digital marketing and answer the most common question that eCommerce merchants asked: “Does publishing products on your own site first before publishing to other retailers improve SEO?”


Our experts will give you all the information that you need and help you to choose the best for your eCommerce business:

The Pros & Cons of Publishing Products on your Site First


Publishing products
Search Engine Optiomization (SEO)

SEO is a key digital marketing strategy that provides a set of optimization strategies for pages, blogs, and sites on the web, which aim to improve your position in organic search engine results. so, any step you do on your site can have an effect, whether it is a good or bad one.


No doubts that publishing products on your site will give you a lot of advantages, however, there are some disadvantages you have to bear in your mind:


The Advantages of Publishing Products on your Site are:


1- Controller of Customers


When you publish your products on your site first, you will have the chance to control the entire customers’ experience which encompasses:

  • design your product pages
  • what information do they receive about your products.
  • how customers can purchase your products
  • the content on those pages

2- Set your Prices


This option can give you the ability to set the prices of the products; making you have a higher commission which means you will earn more money.

3- Keep the Customers’ Data


Since you publish your products on your site first, you will keep the data of your customers and all their information collected on your site.


The Disadvantage of Publishing Products on your Site First:


1- the difficulty in knowing the products


that is the most disadvantage you will face when you publish on your site because the customers will be not able to discover the products that they look for.

2- Marketing attraction


If you decide to do the publishing, you will work on the SEO marketing attraction which is considered the most important step to promoting your business to buy your products.

Now let’s move to the next option


The Pros & Cons of Publishing Products on Other Retailers


To be honest with you, it is not easy to face competition with big platforms specializing in selling and promoting products such as amazon, Instagram, and Nordstrom.


So, if you decide to publish your products on the other retailers will have a lot of advantages but as we said previously not only advantages but also there are some disadvantages, let us discover them together:


The Advantages of Publishing on Other Retailers


  • Your Product is more Visible

Publishing on retailers will give your products the chance to be discovered by more customers, because of the heavy traffic on their sites.

  • Reduce Effort

Dealing with other retailers can be more easer since they will take all the process of marketing your products. in other words and due to heavy traffic will be easy for them to promote your products or services.

  • Ease of Handling

It is easier to get your products featured by retailers because they are looking for new products to sell on their sites.


The Disadvantages of Publishing on Other Retailers


  • Give up Control Over the Customer Experience

in this option, you will not able to control the customer experience, which means you have less ability to differentiate your products from those of other merchants.

  • Lower Commission

You will earn a lower commission than if you sold through your site.

  • Lose the Customers’ Data

When you use other retailers to publish your products, you will not be able to keep customer data and contact information.

Most experts refer that Publish your products on your site is better because it will increase the traffic to your website and improve your ability to be on the first result pages, and they also add, that you can write reviews or descriptive about your products on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and link to it of course that can attract more visitor to your website.

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How Can I Improve SEO on my Website?


improve SEO by publishing products on your own site first
Improve your site iwth SEO Techniques

search engine optimization (SEO) needs to be at the top of your priority list to be in the first search engine results, to do that you should follow these suggestions to generate leads for your eCommerce business:


1- Improve your Page Loading Speed


The speed of a website is extremely important, exactly like publishing products. a page that takes time to be loaded or is so slow will impact the way your website visitors engage with your pages and hurt your SEO ranking too.

So this is something that the owner of a site should be constantly aware of when tracking their website’s performance. would like to know the main factors that affect your website’s speed?


  • The hosting provider: this one can affect your website speed in a bad way. so, make sure you choose a host with several resources to ensure your website isn’t bogged down by slow servers.
  • Improve server response time: Server time can be enhanced through performance bottlenecks such as a lack of adequate memory, slow routing, or slow data queries.
  • Images: many owners could forget to optimize their images and this space will start to add up over time. so, this step is very important, you should compress images to speed up the loading times which decreases the space they take up on your site.
  • Plugins: yes can you believe that, although it considers very important, plugins can slow down your site if the ones you have are poorly coded or have too many, check your research on the plugins you’re installing, and never have more than one kind installed.


2- Produce High-Quality Content


Content is very important to attract visitors to your website. So, if you want to rise above the competition in the SERPs, all you need is high-quality, trustworthy, recent, and relevant content. to do that take care about this advice:


  • the content must be comprehensive, educational, useful, accurate, helpful, and the best answer for the searcher’s query.
  • Know your search intent and why he is seeking out information online.
  • Use proper formatting for readability not only for the consumers but also for search engines, so the format of your content plays a big role in its overall performance.
  •  Producing high-quality content can power up your social media presence
  • good content will boost your SEO and organic traffic by increasing your visitors.


3- Use the Right Keywords


Keywords are so important in your content and it is one of the SEO strategies and content marketing that improve your rank in search engines. To know how to choose the right keywords for publishing products, you need to understand the intention behind each search, take a look at the main types of searches:


  • Navigational search queries: when a user already knows which site they’re looking for and will rarely change their ultimate destination.
  • Informational search queries: it depends on the users who are looking for information on a brand, subject, or product.  here, the users don’t know what they want yet, as they’re at the start of the purchase process.
  • Local search queries: it contains a feature a geographic component, within a determined region such as cinema, restaurant, and university.
  • Transactional search queries: it is related to purchases.


4- Perfect your Titles and Meta Descriptions


Don’t forget to optimize all the elements in the content before publishing products, including titles and meta descriptions which are vital for healthy SEO. to write perfect titles and meta descriptions follow these steps:

  • Expand on your title tag: titles should summarize a page while the meta description offers a chance to expand on that further.

  • have an attractive title and meta description which has a main keyword of the content.

  • Use active voice which could improve clarity and catch the click by addressing the searcher directly.


5- Use a Compelling Featured Image


Whether it’s Google Discover or simply the SERPs, a  suitable and attractive image can take the attention of the readers.


6- Guest post on blogs in your niche


One perfect way to build awareness for your brand and build links to your website is to guest post for blogs. It will increase traffic and raise Google’s awareness of your site.

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after we discase the common question (Does publishing products on your own site first before publishing to other retailers improve SEO?) and provide all the valuable information on how can we improve the SEO strategy of our site. I hope you know, how to choose the best for your site.


So, what is the greatest solution for you? That depends on your company and what you want to objective. Publishing items on your site initially may be a preferable alternative if you want greater control over the client experience and are ready to put in the effort to sell your products yourself.


Publishing products through third-party merchants, on the other hand, may be a better option if you want your items to be discovered by more people who aren’t already seeking them. Regardless of the choice, you select, you should constantly experiment with multiple techniques to find what works best for your company. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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