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Arabic SEO in 2021 – Top Opportunities for MENA businesses

Arabic Content SEO

Arabic SEO in 2021 – Top Opportunities for MENA businesses

Arabic SEO - MENA region

SEO is a game of finding quick wins, low hanging fruits, and discovering opportunities before your competition.

When talking about Arabic SEO (and other non-English web pages) the opportunities are endless, let’s agree search engine optimization has been some shady practices the if one SEO finds a spot ( mist usually a valuable link to place) will keep it to himself, why sharing the goodies and increase competition!

Fair game and google accept that SEO’s are part of the game and they will exist as long as their organic results, they cannot satisfy searchers intent without showing organic results, and there will always a competition to secure the highest possible ranks, and eventually more traffic.

SEO for Arabic websites carries great opportunities as there will always be Arabic search queries, due to the cultural and local terms and interests, and ranking locally will always be more achievable over global ranking.

Ahrefs has done very useful research last year, to answer the big question:

Amazingly, the answer was YES! for arabic content at least, the study showed that arabic webpages (Sport news as a case study) are ranking and securing a valuable traffic with an average 100 links per page, a plumber in New York would need much more to appear on the first page.

So Why Arabic SEO is much easier to rank in 2021?

Well, it depends, but the short answer is Low Competition, what would take from an SEO experts months to achieve in English, he can secure in weeks and even days if the competition is less fierce, and it’s the same case on the PPC Paid ads side.


Arabic Content does not exceed 2% of the surface web, sure the search volume could be less, but so is the competition, however searchers in MENA region rely heavily on Google, there is no alternative for the big G.

Business in MENA region are competing under the same rules like the rest of the globe, but the majority of them are not doing any effort to optimize their presence (Websites and Google Maps), the competition is literally organic! without them knowing that it exist.

The Lack of Arabic SEO Experts

Google has very few employees in MENA, the search giant does not rely on Arabic searchers to profit, the paid ads are even cheaper in Saudi Arabia.
And to be blunt, Arabic SEO’s are not well known for their expertise, but they are known for other practices, which made their clients more suspicious than clients elsewhere.

The demand for proper Arabic SEO strategies is much less, and SEO’s do not have to be much sophisticated as their English counterparts, so the need to stay updated with the latest tools and technologies is not really there, hence you still can rank content without back-links! it’s pretty unbelievable.

In 2021, Arabic SEO still carries great opportunities in the region, check out SEO for Arabic websites blogs.

SEO Training course in Syria
Arabic SEO Courses and Learning Materials

There is not much to be said, if you can’t read English, you cannot learn the internet properly, surely there is some great  Arabic SEO’s and few who actually teach it, but the majority of the information on the web is wrong, and about SEO particularly, Google will never tell the secrets, personal speculations and “GuesSEO” are all over the places.

Also, SEO Content cannot be translated automatically, each school or SEO tool has its own terminologies, from DA to Domain Rank, Domain Score which all refer to the same thing, your overall ranking ability, good luck translating those and then actually learning.

You can find shallow information on some Arabic YouTube videos, majorly coming from Egyptian and Moroccan content creators, some technically teaching spam and calling it best practices, the industry of Arabic SEO is a mess! and that’s where most opportunities are.

Arabic Content SEO Future opportunities

Web content will continue to grow, and English pages cannot take over Arabic and local organic results, it’s not easy to optimize for two languages, but consider English content targeted to Arabic users, and create Arabic content to rank in other countries, many Arabic SERP’s are wide open, educate clients and hold their hands to claim their digital properties, never over promise and then under deliver.

Arabic businesses are guilty of not educating themselves on internet marketing, we as digital marketers are obliged to teach and then deliver guaranteed results with such an open market, the window is still open for many startups to succeed in many business niches.

You don’t need a big budget nor to optimize 100% to rank and win, just do the basics right, or connect with professional Arabic SEO experts to help you achieve your business goals.

Arabic eCommerce SEO is on the rise as competition post-Covid-19 era of digital marketing got more fierce, more physical stores are switching to online stores to cut costs and expand their reach.

To know more about Arabic keyword research follow our blog for the latest tips and techniques.

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