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Just like all the good things in life, it starts with a cup of coffee to discuss your Online Marketing needs and assess your digital channels, we SWOT analyse your competition and plan upon the available resources.
From an SEO Agency standpoint, we set a customized plan with the highest value deliverables for the first 3 months, starting with site-wide issues, on-site optimization factors, while analyzing the results of your digital marketing campaigns to make smarter business decisions in the future.
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Search engine optimization services in Amman. Online Marketing for Arabic websites.
We provide SEO consultations, Affordable SEO Packages, guaranteed SEO services, and Arabic SEO translation.

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Get discovered by searchers looking for businesses nearby, we will boost your listings on tier 1 directories including:Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, and local directories.

Search Engine Optimization

Our team will run an audit on your website along with your competitors, fix site-wide issues, and deliver a complete SWOT Analysis.

Digital Marketing Services

Get the coverage your brand deserves with our Content Marketing Solutions, our editorial team will create and publish your content on local and major news agencies

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57% of B2B marketers stated that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative!​

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How to measure content Marketing for Arabic Websites
Digital Marketing
How useful is content marketing for Arabic Websites in 2021?

Arabic Content Marketing has been rising slowly over the past few years, Buzzfeed content strategy proved to be effective for building a brand and expand its reach as a brand by covering many topics that were not found elsewhere on the internet. So is content Marketing for Arabic websites really

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Where is Prince Hamza
Arabic SEO
Where is Prince Hamzah? SEO Case Study

Prince Hamzah bin Hussien has been a trend in Jordan and around the world lately, in this post, we test ranking for “Where is Prince Hamzah?” as there is no official news yet, and major news publishers are not answering this question directly, let us see if Google can detect

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SEO Myths Busting
Arabic SEO
Top 5 Arabic SEO Myths you should ignore in 2021!

Since there is no reliable reference for what is an SEO Myth and what is a fact, big G will never share its algorithmic secrets and end the debate about its ranking factors, there are definitely some vague statements from Google spokespersons every now and then, but they are not

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Arabic Keyword Research for Arabic Websites
Arabic SEO
Arabic Keyword Research Tools for Arabic Websites

Complete Guide for Arabic Keyword Research If you work on an Arabic website or an Arabic version of a multilingual website, you must go through Arabic keyword research, researching keywords in English is not a straight forward process, there are many considerations to be aware of, Keyword Volume, Click Through

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History of Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
The History of Digital Marketing in Arabia | SEO | SM | PR

SEO initiated The History of Digital Marketing Back in the beginnings of the internet or more accurately the inter-web, it started as a way of connection, once it launched for public use, Businesses needed to be found on the internet, therefore the History of Digital marketing began with SEO, it

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google street view arabia
Local SEO
The State Of Local Search in Arabia 2020 – Inductive Study

Local search marketing connects your business to real-world communities. With Big-Tech companies racing to fill the gap between the offline & online worlds, SEO bridges the places where consumers live, work, and spend their time, most importantly and make most of their purchases. Just like Social Media when it started

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Arabic SEO Agency
Arabic SEO
How we ranked 1st for “Arabic SEO Agency” on google

If you rank SEO over SEO’s, you can rank anything! since our launch, we thought competing for an “Arabic SEO agency” would be impossible, so our team aimed to rank “SEO agency” in Amman and Jordan, a local search query with supposedly a decent competition, a medium keyword difficulty with

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Google Drops Links Juice
Local SEO
Google J.Mueller suggests ignoring internal linking – Over Analysis

j.mueller google’s spokesman replied to a recent question on Twitter, on how to categorize links on the homepage? in menus and categories or within homepage content which is known as inner-linking. john’s answers are usually unmeasurable but this time it’s stated clearly!internal linking is either obsolete, wrong, or misleading! suggesting to

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Digital Marketing Companies in Jordan
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The biggest dilemma for Digital Marketing Companies in Jordan 2020

Understanding digital marketing gives great power, exposure and discoverability can make companies and even small businesses famous! it’s ideal of goal any campaign, especially against the poor competition, in the non-English speaking countries. The Internet Marketing industry is still yet to grow, 20 years is not enough to shape an

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Digital Marketing

Maps of Arabia, a digital marketing agency offering top-notch SEO Services is pleased to announce that they have Top ranked SEO Agency on Google and according to Design Rush. It’s also featured in the Associated Press for ranking 1st Arabic SEO Company. Ever since the company was launched, the team thought

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Top Brands that received a Google Penalty
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Top Brands that received a Google Penalty! SEO Epic Fails

Companies that tried to cheat Google and lost What is a Google Penalty? Manual & Algorithmic Google is well known for giving penalties to websites that violate its Webmaster Guidelines, SEO’s call it the white hat practices where you follow Google’s guidelines literally, not buying/selling links even that everyone else

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Low authority websites
Digital Marketing
7 Reasons why Google Hates your website!

Why your website not showing on Google search results? Almost 90% of internet pages get zero Traffic, Google which sends 60% of the internet traffic only shows high-quality pages on the results page, while there are more than 200 ranking factors for Google to favor a webpage, here is the

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Frequently Asked SEO Questions

That’s why we claim to be the best Arabic SEO Agency

How your SEO pricing work?

We always start with Free SEO audit and consultation, we provide a checklist that you can implement on your own, if your development team still needs our assistance we offer monthly SEO packages, retainer, project, and hourly based tasks depending on the available resources to guarantee highest value added.

Yes, our team covers all aspects of SEO, international SEO, Local SEO, Offsite Link Building, On-Site optimization, Content creation, and management, we prefer not to involve in design and artistic tasks.
Given that said, we outsource top Digital Marketing talents from around the Globe as needed depending on the project.

Does my business need SEO?

Any business that there clients are searching for their product or services online, must apply SEO.
It could be more helpful for B2B businesses compared to B2C, depending on the Niche, Competition, Search Volume, and Price. connect with our team to help you asses the opportunities better.

If your website isn’t ranking on Google, there are many reasons why that could be, maybe it’s unavailable on google or the pages are not indexed, one thing for sure, SEO always work if done properly.

Reach out to our Arabic SEO Consultants to give you a definite answer.

How long does it take to rank on Google?

Approximately, it takes 4-6 months for SEO to show good results, given that said, in the Arabic MENA region, in Amman, Beirut, Dubai and Saudi SEO Company, it shows results much faster due to the poor Arabic SEO competition, especially for Arabic Websites.

What's more important SEO or Social Media?

Depends on the business sector, for example SEO is much more important for Dentists, Medical Practitioners, Professional Services, and Branded business than social media, SEO’s use social Media as it’s a part of the customer Journey, but it’s not enough to get the leads coming.

Which Countries do you serve?

Maps of Arabia is a registered SEO company in Amman – Jordan. being officeless and ranking for “Arabic SEO Agency” we serve clients in the MENA  – the Middle East North Africa- region (Riyadh, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Libya,Tunis, Lebanon,  and Morocco)

How your SEO process work?

We start with a FREE SEO Audit to assess opportunities and what needs to be done, we provide a list of actionable tips to be implemented by your side, your developers can implement the fixes, then we can do the rest of the heavy SEO lifting.

In short, we give you the initial boost you need in the beginning, then it's up to you to handle your optimization on your own. Though SEO is a process better be done in-house, our SEO consultancy team is always available to help.

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