5 Ways to Make Unique Content for Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign

Creating Unique Content

5 Ways to Make Unique Content for Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign

In online marketing, 72% of experts assert that content is their primary & most efficient SEO tactic. Since SEO is one of the leading techniques in digital marketing, it requires marketers to formulate unique and outstanding content.

However, the problem is creating unique content day in and day out. Staying on top of SERP requires writers and marketers to write good content regularly. In order to keep an audience hooked, the content needs to be exclusive and exceptional.

But, how exactly do you formulate a strategy which allows you to do just that frequently? If you’re looking to make a digital marketing campaign, then you need a content-creation tactic. So, to help you in making one, let SEO Agency guide you.

5 Essentials to Write Unique Content

Creating Unique Content
Content Marketing

Writing unique content, or even one sentence requires an array of information. Besides content marketing, you need gripping titles, readability, informative value, and a blend of content i.e. images, videos, etc. Then, you also need to keep your target audience in mind, including the kind of queries they look for, i.e., keywords.

All these elements might sound overwhelming. However, formulating a process that regularly helps you create unique content isn’t difficult. Yes, it’s a challenge, but you can overcome it with proper understanding and a resolute content-writing technique.

So, to help you do just that, here are five essentials to help you write unique content for your next digital marketing campaign:

  1. Work On Your Titles

Every SEO expert knows that titles are important. But, only 36% understand that headline is perhaps the most critical part of an article. Moreover, over 69.7% of queries on any search engine contain four words or more—usually about content titles.

That’s why you need to start off properly and work on your titles. Try to keep it short and crisp since the title doesn’t need to contain all the information to draw the reader. However, never try to write clickbait articles.

Using bogus or black hat SEO techniques like that will not only falter your credibility but will also draw your reader away. So, focus on being precise, promise something new in the headline and take the lead from the first word.

  1. Write Gripping Content

You need to write gripping content in order to draw your audience and push them to scroll through the whole thing. However, gripping content doesn’t mean using overcomplicated words or filling it with industry jargon. You need to convey your expertise—not show off your language skills.

So, here are three essentials of writing gripping content:

  • Simple

Simplicity is the best way to go, and that’s why you need to keep your content simple, crisp, and easy to understand. Don’t dive too deep into the intricacies; just try to simplify things for your readers.

  • Readable

The readability of your content is one of the most necessary essentials of unique blogs. The more readable your content is, the easier it will be to draw a typical reader. So, remember, you’re trying to attract everyone, not just experts.

  • Informative

The informative value of your content depends on your expertise & understanding of the industry. However, you can also try to use facts, statistics, and information taken from a third-party source to make a point.

1) Use A Rewriter to Improve Its Quality

Once you’re through, make sure you improve your content’s quality. When a writer creates something at first, they might not be too sure of its quality.

On the contrary, some writers are too sure and end up writing something that doesn’t perform.

So, sit on your content for a little while, then go back and read it.

You’re bound to find some problems or something that you can say better. How do you fix this? Try using a rewriting tool, as it can help you recreate easily.

The primary benefit of a rewriter tool is that it can help you alter the content’s tone. So, if you wish to simplify your content, then using the “fluent” setting in said rewriter can help you improve its quality by a mile

2) Focus On Solutions

One of the common mistakes among writers is that they will tend to focus too much on the topic or the question rather than the solution. Unique content creation warrants you to present a solution that nobody else does. So, focus on providing such resolute elements throughout your writing.

3) Focus On Benefits, Not Features

A necessary element for any digital marketing campaign today is to focus on the benefits a user will have. So, instead of talking about how well-made your t-shirt is, try talking about how comfortable it will feel to wear it—your reader is bound to be looking for the latter.

Importance of Unique Content in Digital Marketing

Creating Unique Content
Digital Marketing

The definition of unique content is something that stands out from the rest. How many times do you see articles beginning with headlines such as “how to do this” or some clickbait titles like “do this to make your content better in 24 hours.”

While these might garner clicks, they are by no means unique. Unique content’s primary trait is that it informs the reader well and leaves them with newer information than they had before they clicked it. Unique articles can be reviews, news, product-based blogs, and opinion pieces.

However, those topics aren’t necessarily accessible all the time. That’s why writing distinctive content requires a writer to go above and beyond to ensure that their content stands out from the rest. So, why exactly is that important? Here are four primary reasons:

  • High SERP Ranks

High SERP (Search engine results page) ranks aren’t easy to garner. They require extensive work and unique content creation ever so frequently. That’s why it’s essential to push and create outstanding content, as they can garner you high SERP.

Experts suggest that backlinks are a significant source of unique content, as top SERP results tend to have 3.8 times more backlinks than lower-ranking content. This trait alone makes unique content more ideal for SERP ranks than the others.

  • Credibility Among Audience

One of the significant benefits of high-quality content is establishing your unwavering credibility. A major thing that a buyer considers in the online world is a brand or business’ credibility. That’s why writing good content is vital as it can help establish just that.

  • Overcoming Close Competition

Your close competitors aren’t going to be resting easy or creating lackluster content. That’s why your focus needs to be on creating top-notch blogs or content throughout your digital marketing strategy. This alone can help you triumph your closest competition.

  • Establishing Authority & Expertise

Writing good content requires an expert to portray their prowess and embody their content with their knowledge. This will be the primary benefit of establishing your brand’s and your domain’s authority in your niche.


These fundamental elements can help you compose unique content and create a viable strategy for your next digital marketing venture. So, make sure you focus on writing content that all your audience understands while ensuring its integrity and informative value.

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