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How to increase Blog traffic for your Arabic Website

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How to increase Blog traffic for your Arabic Website

Starting a blog is simple, for Arabic websites it’s even easier due to the lack of good Arabic blogs, also given that there are a plethora of content management systems to choose from. However, you will be unable to monetize your efforts if no one discovers your blog.

In today’s article, we’ll look at a few options for how to increase blog traffic for arabic website, as well as whether or not buying SEO traffic is a good idea. We’ve even created a section dedicated to using Pinterest to boost traffic to your site.

How to increase blog traffic for your arabic website

How to Increase the Number of Visitors to Your Arabic Website

Recognize your target market

Since you don’t want to squander an entire year generating blog content that no one wants to read, this is probably the first step to increasing site traffic.

Consider how to construct an ideal reader character and what they could be interested in.

Although not every blog reader shares your interests, if you pay close attention to the other blogs in your orbit, you can observe what types of content people are most interested in and consider how you may capitalize on that information.

Keep in mind the different Arabic dialects and Arabi consumer behaviour.


Ensure Technical SEO is set right

When it comes to your bounce rate, for example, website performance is critical, but it may also affect your CTR and how users interact with your content.

If your website takes several minutes to load, there’s a good risk that users will dismiss the window and choose another search engine result.

If you have no prior knowledge in this area, it is definitely a better option to seek assistance. Use Google’s Page Speed Insights Tool to find out what your site’s speed score is, as well as advice on how to improve it.

Needless to say, having a lot of 404s on your site isn’t ideal, so keep an eye on what’s going on with your content on a regular basis. If you combine numerous pages, make sure to redirect the one that isn’t receiving any traffic before removing it from your sitemap.

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Create an Arabic Content Calendar.

If you don’t post material on a regular basis, you won’t be able to drive visitors to your website. Yes, if you work full-time and are just getting started with blogging, you might be able to write a new post every day.

However, the very least you can do is set up a timetable where you work on an article every Saturday, for example, so that both your readers and your website are kept up to date and relevant in the SERPs.


Make a content plan based on Arabic keyword research

This might be tricky as there is a lack of proper Arabic keyword research tools, if you want to learn how to get your blog noticed these days, you need to use content marketing and keyword research. There are a plethora of SEO tools available, some of which are free and others which are expensive, but many of them will tell you what works and what doesn’t.

You can start by getting the most basic Ahrefs or SEMRush plan and looking at the themes you’d like to write about, then finding keywords that exactly match them.

Long-tail keywords are usually more effective for new sites, especially since the blogosphere is already overflowing with information.

Some may argue that you should only generate long-form material if you want to stand a chance, but if you employ the appropriate blog structure and discover a fresh perspective on the same issue, you’ll be able to organically stand apart.

We’d also want to point out that content strategy also entails regularly repurposing and upgrading your material. If you want to be a full-time blogger and publish a post every two days, you’ll quickly deplete your crawl budget (check it up, it’s crucial) if your content isn’t engaging and not well SEO optimized.

If you have dozens of posts that aren’t generating any traffic, updating them or even eliminating them from your site can be a decent approach to go about things. PageOptimizer Pro, for example, can help you optimize them.

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Ensure Arabic content is unique and helpful as possible


We don’t need to say, however, your content should be at least different from what other web pages offer elsewhere.

Keep in mind, only less than 0.2% of the content on the internet is Arabic:

According to various estimates, less than 1% of total global online content is in Arabic and less than 0.2% of global digital content is hosted in the Middle East and North Africa, although native Arabic speakers represent about 4.5% of the world population. That is both puzzling and alarming

so there are probably not many articles for Google to compare in your niche, so feel free and enrich Arabic content as possible.

Now you are not going to create a new language, but at least add more information to your posts, discuss the same topic from a different angle, such as videos and other types of content that can prove to be helpful to your readers.

The other is to basically take as much time as possible to research your topic and use as many resources as you are able to so that you create the longest and most useful piece of content out there. 

Also, keep in mind that more than 5.2 of the internet users are Arabs, so that is a big market to target.

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Content Readability

This is possibly one of the most difficult aspects of learning how to increase traffic.

You absolutely must do something distinctive these days because the competition is so fierce. Decide on the look of your posts and always construct a blog structure before beginning to compose the content.

You should include as many bullet points and visuals as possible. You can also include other people’s infographics and films you find on YouTube if they are relevant.

Naturally, it would be preferable if you could generate all of these sorts of material yourself, but since effective web videos necessitate expensive equipment and hours of video editing, you may not be up to the task right now.

Simply make use of whatever resources you have, whether they are free or purchased.

It’s sometimes just a matter of making your content more legible, in the sense that you can always make your font bigger, create shorter paragraphs, and compose shorter sentences.

Always consider how your content will appear on a mobile device. On mobile, a paragraph that might be 5 lines long on your blog’s web edition could be 10 lines long.


Make a plan for internal linking that actually works

Do you want to know how to get your site discovered in the search engines without spending a fortune? Internal links come in handy in this situation.

They’re the only ones who can inform Google what post belongs in the same category as another or if your internal linking plan is utterly incorrect, as much as they’re a headache to add to every post.

If you have a food blog, for example, make sure you categorize your posts into categories like Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch, Brunch, Treats, or whatever else you would write about.

Then make sure you link to and from the posts in these categories at all times. If you’ve monetized a page that you think is essential, you can put it on the homepage, but once Google’s crawler lands on it, it needs to be able to link it to other pages in the same category that are related to it.

In recent years, SEOs have conducted numerous tests, some of which entailed ranking a site only through on-page SEO in a matter of weeks. What’s more, guess what? Without receiving a single backlink from another site, some of them made it to the top page of search results.

So you can see how crucial a proper internal linking structure is.

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Take advantage of Arabic WordPress SEO plugins and tools

We recommend SEMRush and Ahrefs for keyword research, competitive analysis, and anything else you would need to undertake at the start of your blogging journey. These tools are both comprehensive and simple to use (perhaps the first is easier to use than the second, though).

When it comes to plugins, you have a lot of options, especially if you’re using WordPress for your blog. There are numerous tools available, ranging from Yoast to AIO SEO (All-in-One SEO), that may assist you in determining what modifications need to be made to your content in order for it to be more visible in search engines.

All In One SEO also tells you how many backlinks you should add, how your picture and the visual content score is, and, of course, allows you to build your own meta title and meta description.

Note: If you’re using the All-in-One SEO plugin, make sure you add your canonical link in the advanced area. Because the plugin has caused some problems for bloggers, you should double-check your sitemap.


Acquire Arabic Backlinks as Authoritative as Possible

Link building can be taxing for anyone, especially if you’re just getting started and don’t have the funds to pay for high-quality PR links and the like. You can always develop lesser quality (but high DR) connections to a good site if you receive a guest post there. A two-tier link-building technique is what it’s termed.

Reaching out to other blogs and asking if they’d be interested in publishing your guest article is another strategy to get backlinks. Indirect link exchanges are also effective these days, but never accept a request for a direct one.

That means that if you write a guest post for someone and link to their site, you will be penalized, they’d have to find another blog in your niche from which they could link to you.

This strategy is fantastic because none of you have to pay anything and there are limitless possibilities.

Buying PBN connections from services like Fiverr, for example, should be avoided at all costs. This type of link can harm your site in the long run and may even result in a penalty.


Assess the appropriate social media platforms

Not every social networking platform is appropriate for every blog. If your content is very visual, Pinterest and Instagram are the best places to start because they will generate the most engagement.

However, if you’re in the business, marketing, or productivity area, your content might not be as visually appealing, so you might want to use LinkedIn or Facebook instead.

Consider your niche and what would be most effective for you.


Appropriate design, Choose Arabic Themes wisely

It’s totally fine to work on your site’s design as it grows, especially if you don’t have the funding right now. However, whatever you do, make sure your theme is as user-friendly and clutter-free as possible.

Consider this: the more elements on your theme, the more likely it is to take a long time to load. As a result, you risk losing valuable readers or those who could click on your affiliate links, for example.


Improve User engagement & User generated signals

Encourage people to leave comments on your articles by asking them to do so at the opening or end of each one. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially as many bloggers enjoy expressing their views on a variety of topics, especially if they’re in your field.

Plus, consider this: those comments can inform Google that people are engaging with your material, indicating that it is excellent enough for it to be ranked higher. After all, it’s completely free material that you don’t have to create.

If you wish to adopt this strategy, you’ll need to respond to the comments as frequently as possible.


Analyze, monitor, adjust, optimize and repeat

You’ll quickly discover that not every piece of content is flawless.

You just need to restructure your content every now and then, whether you haven’t been able to rank for a keyword because the competition is fierce and you have no chance, or you haven’t used the correct structure and aren’t generating the right engagement.

You can keep your postings up to date or delete them entirely if they are of no use to you. You can also use the stuff in them in other posts, but make sure to change it first so it doesn’t come off as hilarious.

Make an effort to plan out these modifications and, most importantly, stick to it. If you write frequently, once every three months might be the best option. If you tend to publish fewer long-form pieces of material, doing so once every six months might be the best option.

Run PPC Ads in MENA Region, it’s cheap

Try out a few other platforms to see which one works best for you. For some, Facebook Ads may be the answer, while for others, Twitter Ads may be the answer. Although Google Ads are normally more expensive, they are still worth investigating.


Is it a good idea to buy Arabic SEO traffic?

It depends. You can undoubtedly benefit from CTR manipulation and even buy actual website traffic from specific sites, but keep in mind that both of these methods are against Google’s guidelines.

As a result, using them always puts you in danger of getting into trouble. However, if you’re smart about it, you may make a lot of money – but you could also get your site removed from the search engines entirely, wasting years of work.

Ads are the most effective technique to purchase SEO traffic. However, strive to be as astute as possible and choose your audience as carefully as possible.

If you publish for an Arabic audience, traffic from Pakistan or India will be meaningless unless the people are truly interested in your content and will translate it using their browser.

However, if your monetization strategy is entirely focused on the Saudi and UAE Markets, for example, you will receive traffic but no sales or leads.

Connect with our team to help you generate more organic traffic the right way, we aim to enrich Arabic content and get discovered by English and Arabic audineces.

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