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Arabic E-commerce is the future of retail stores and shops in the MENA region, and SEO is a critical necessity for e-commerce websites, to enhance user experience and increase conversions on-site, plus, when customers are searching for your products on Google your products must rank higher than your competitors organically, and get presented the right way to get clicks and visits to your Arabic Website.

There are many strategies to improve your Arabic E-Commerce SEO, the best Arabic eCommerce SEO strategies includes Keyword research to determine the types of keywords customers are looking for.

On-Site SEO through necessary keyword optimization in meta tags and content. Technical SEO to help guarantee search engines can crawl your site efficiently, so Google can index and then rank your website in search results page.

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Once your technical SEO side is set properly, you need to create the right content to encourage customers to find the right products they are looking for, consider your copywriter as your sales staff in-store, they need to write content that sells, it must be engaging, informative and helpful for customers and search engines alike.

Through Research optimal keywords, Using keywords naturally and strategically, Optimizing title Tags, Optimizing and compressing images for speed loading and saving crawl budget, writing compelling product descriptions, outbound and inbound links to relevant pages, to keep your site semantically relevant and better user navigation.

Keep in mind that 44% of people start their online shopping journey with a Google search (nChannel).

Also, consider starting a blog for your Arabic eCommerce website, Amazon has one to promote its products and push relevancy to product pages, so you definitely need one.

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From an SEO, Traffic and Optimization standpoint, there are many sources you can get cheap Arabic audience traffic to your website, but it doesn’t mean that traffic is going to convert into long-paying customers, seamlessly to their in-store experience, visiting your website should as compelling, smooth, and secure experience.

Many new Arabic Online Stores focus on organic social media marketing in the region, they might get brand awareness, but cold traffic and awareness are not going to get you results in product sales.

It’s agreed that organic search traffic converts better than paid search ads and social media ads,  so we recommend that almost any eCommerce business starts with Arabic eCommerce SEO, to get your online store in front of Arabs that are already searching for products you provide, while keeping their experience as pleasant as possible.

Arabic Countries to target with ecommerce

The beauty of Arabic eCommerce websites is that you can target any country in the Middle East and North Africa. However some countries are more familiar with online shopping than others, the best arabic countries to target are: United Arab EmiratesSaudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, and Morocco.

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We always start with an SEO audit, to discover any site wide issues slowing down your website traffic growth, mobile friendly test, Security, Speed, and other technical fixes, then we study your competition carefully, providing  a detailed SWOT analysis, on very few cases we reject projects if we don’t believe results are not worth the investment, we always analyze your ROI on cost to benefit, but for Arabic SEO services the results are more guaranteed, it’s not just a competition between your business and competitors, it’s personal between us and their SEO Agency too, and we never gave up, you can always secure guaranteed results with our SEO professionals on your side.

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