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What is the Free Hosting Rule in Terms of SEO?

SEO Hosting

What is the Free Hosting Rule in Terms of SEO?

Everyone wants their websites to shoot up on the search engine to get higher traffic and conversions. So, it’s not surprising that SEO is an extremely important component of any digital marketing strategy. And choosing a reliable and reputable web host is the first vital step to getting your web on top of the SEO game.


Believe it or not, the best free SEO hosting can rapidly boost your visibility in search engine results beyond what simple keyword research can achieve. in this article, Maps of Arabia – SEO Agency will talk about the SEO host and explain how SEO is affected by the hosting provider.

What is SEO Hosting?


SEO hosting is a provider that will give you several IPs to host your PBNs. It means hosting multiple websites, with different domain names. In other words, SEO hosting is storing a website’s data and files in a way that is best for the website’s search engine rankings.


To obtain a higher ranking for your website, you need links pointing to it from many others sites with related topics. SEO hosting uses traditional and non-traditional methods to improve the optimization of a website by increasing traffic and sales.


SEO Hosting is considered an investment since it provides worthy returns in the future. With this type of hosting, the client’s website turns into an asset and supports increased sales and profits. in addition, it helps in creating and boosting brand awareness. The client can create multiple sites and shoot high ranks for all of them.


search engine optimizing
search engine optimization

What Makes a Quality Hosting Provider for SEO?


Choosing a good SEO hosting alone will not take your site to the top of the rankings, as many important factors search engines research for site ranking such as link building, screen optimization, mobile-friendliness, and other factors. However, the web host you choose will impact uptime, loading time, and user experience which are very critical SEO factors as Arab Marketers said, We’ll briefly go over each one below:


1- Effective Uptime


Uptime means the amount of time the web host keeps online and is accessible to visitors. So, check your site is always accessible and ensure that search engines never run into error pages because if your site is offline, users will bounce back to Google which led the loss of customers and other penalties from search engines.


2- Performance Optimization


When it comes to the Internet, speed is everything. But what do we mean by Loading speed? It is the speed it takes for your site to entirely load after users click on it. your site must load fast because Google uses page speed as a ranking factor in both desktop and mobile results.


Tip pro: Bear in mind that other factors can affect your page speeds aside from the web host. One of them is the way your web is designed and coded. If not optimized in a good way, those may bring down your website speed as well.


3- Free SSL Certificate


The SSL certificate is the security certificate for your website and having it will help upgrade your site’s ranking. using HTTPS is a positive ranking signal because all the Search engines trust HTTPS websites. To permit HTTPS, you have to use an SSL certificate.


4- Efficient Hosting Types


The best SEO hosts offer different hosting providers such as managed, VPS, cloud, and private server hosting. allowing you to pick up the hosting type that suits your needs. Never forget that shared hosting can work with difficulty, but only if the host implements it well with good SEO mastering.


5- Server Locations and Upkeep


The server location is linked to the hosting speed depending on how close you are to your server. Top-notch hosts for SEO offer servers in multiple locations with upgrade equipment and a secure data center.

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6- Customer Support


This factor of quality hosting provider for SEO doesn’t rank your site higher on a search engine, however, it does show that the company is trustworthy and more likely to help you with performance and SEO.


7- Disk Space and Bandwidth


To optimize the potential search engine rankings, you should host as much material as possible on your website. To handle several high-resolution photographs, movies, and files at the same time, you’ll need enough bandwidth and storage space. It can influence the overall speed of your website if you utilize a web hosting company that limits the amount of storage you can use.


If there isn’t enough room for your high-resolution images or video files, for example, download times will be severely slowed. Hundreds of parameters are still engaged in Google’s search algorithm, even if site speed isn’t taken into account when ranking pages in search results.


8- Incorrect (TLDs) 


For several reasons, using the wrong TLDs might hurt your SEO rankings on Google. 
Incorrect top-level domains (TLDs) can prohibit website from being indexed, meaning it won’t show up in search results. 
Because Google utilizes TLDs to establish the geographical location where the site should be ranked, incorrect TLDs may cause delayed crawling and indexing delays. 
Furthermore, if you want to target people from certain country, using the wrong TLD would contradict your goal.
what is SEO hosting?
search engine optimizing

Types of SEO Hosting


There are many types of SEO hosting but all of them have the features, so when you choose an SEO hosting provider, you have 3 options to choose from:


  • A Dedicated Server

The dedicated servers are the most expensive hosting services although They are recommended for demanding people with broad technical knowledge. users receive exclusive hosting services customized to their needs; they have large transfer limits and low failure rates.

  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)

It is an online private server offering similar services to dedicated hosting services only a part of the physical server is used, the server is shared with others.

  • Server

It is the most popular and affordable type of SEO hosting because it is a perfect ready-made solution for companies or enterprisers with small online stores or people wishing to run an uncomplicated website or blog where the resources of a given machine are shared with other websites.


How Does Web Hosting Impact SEO? 


All the search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google use a web host’s IP address when they crawl the website. by using Google Analytics’ referral section, you can see where your traffic is coming from. If it isn’t from search engines, something else is directing people to your website.

While improving keyword structure in titles, content, and URLs will help search engines find your site, it won’t help if a probable customer ends up at a competitor’s site as they have a better hosting service or more suitable terms of service.


types of SEO hosting
search engine optimizing

Final Thoughts


Ultimately, the web host that offers a good track record and great rates is the one that can achieve your purpose by server speed, customer support, and all the bells and whistles that your site needs to be the one on the results page. Most websites operate just fine with shared hosting packages from budget-friendly companies because many sites don’t have huge traffic or storage demands.

Never hesitate to contact our SEO agency to help you find the best SEO hosting for your website.

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