Website SEO Audit

We believe that improving and fixing current issues holds more value than planning and spending, it’s best to improve and optimize your web presence before attracting new customers, therefore, our strategy is to run a Website SEO Audit, identify main issues and implement the needed fixes, benchmark the results, then plan our steps forward.
Our Website SEO Audit covers the most important aspects for users and search engines alike.

Website SEO Audit Check list

Mobile Friendly Test

With the majority of web-searches from mobile devices, even exceeding desktop searches in 2018, and Google adopting mobile-first indexing,  Websites that are not mobile responsive are by nature poorly designed, because they don’t provide an optimal user experience.

You can also check using Google Mobile tool

it’s a site wide issue, we solve it once for all.


Mobile Friendly Optimization
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On Page Factors remain a very important ranking factor, it helps users and search engines understanding what the web page is about.
Implementing the right titles, taglines, sub-headings and image optimization, in accordance to the proper keywords, could get the needle moving, specially for e-commerce sites.

Speed Optimization

Fast loading webpages rank better than slower ones, whether it’s a ranking factor for search engines or not, it’s crucial from User Experience perspective.

There is many reasons for slow webpages, it could be server side and hosting issues, heavy java-script and CSS files, or images and videos larger than your website capability.

We use Google’s Page Speed insights tool, you can test before and after.

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Website SEO Audit

Analyzing Blog & News content for gaps and opportunities to secure relevant traffic and proper exposure.
We identify your target audience sources of interest, News, Magazines, Forums, Social Platforms and influencers to amplify your messages to broader audience.

Crawling & Indexing Issues

We run regular tests to check if your webpages are available to be read, stored, and indexed by top search engines including:Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex.
We also assure that gloabl news and information aggregators receive your business data, and linking back to your site.

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Website Security Audit
Website Security

With the increasing threats of Cyber Security, it’s essential to  your website secured and updated regularly, whether for users or search engines, having your content safe and secure is an easy to implement step, and will increase your website authority and performance overall.

User Interface & Experience

User Optimization is a never ending process, but after implementing the needed technical fixes, you should always think of the user experience and interaction with your webpages, funneling the traffic properly to gain opt-ins and user generated signals are vital for better ranking, with our SEO Website Audit we make sure you are on the right path to produce relative content on a regular basis that satisfy your website visitors

User Experience Optimization
Technichal SEO Fixes
Technical Fixes

We us run through your digital presence from the technical unseen aspects to the editorial and PR sides of digital marketing.

We check server side and back-end issues, share the report with you then it’s up to you to solve it on your own, your developer, or you can have one of our SEO Experts help you with the implementation.

We check user behavior and analytics – implement them if missing- to assess and analyze how your customers are interacting with your website, what pages are performing and which should be removed.

After assessing your pages performance carefully,  we share with your our recommendation to get the most conversions and leads from your digital marketing channels.

Conversion Optimization