What is an Arabic Technical SEO Consultant? Salary, Competencies and More

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What is an Arabic Technical SEO Consultant? Salary, Competencies and More

What exactly is an Arabic technical SEO consultant, and how do you go about becoming one? If you’re wanting to recruit a senior technical SEO specialist, what qualities should you look for?


In today’s article, SEO Agency answers these two topics and more, so keep reading!


What exactly is an Arabic technical SEO Consultant?


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Technical SEO Specialist


To begin with, specializing in technical SEO might be challenging, as most individuals in the field will read about a variety of approaches in addition to on-page optimization and technical elements.


An SEO can usually provide technical SEO services, but they usually incorporate additional services as well, especially if they have established an agency and operate with a staff of in-house or freelancers.


Technical SEO is the cornerstone of any website that wants to rank for any search keyword. We won’t go into great depth about it here because we’ve already produced a technical SEO guide that’s fairly extensive.


But, just to give you an idea of what a technical SEO consultant might look at when they first start working with a client, here are some of the important technical areas they might look at:


  • Website architecture
  • The amount of pages and posts on your site, as well as their location (crawl depth and efficiency)
  • Using canonical tags and redirects, as well as ensuring that no design changes have an impact on how a site ranks.
  • Improvements in page speed
  • Accessibility
  • SSL, content, and pretty much anything else related to the health and safety of a website


A technical SEO consultant is also required to work closely with your developers, as they must examine the code that was installed on your site to ensure that it is running properly and that all of the appropriate tags are present.


An in-house consultant of this type will also be up to date on what algorithms the search engines have recently adopted so that they can advise you on what changes you should make and what they should advise you against.



Case studies for a technical SEO expert


technical SEO consultant
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Technical SEO Consultant


Almost every type of website, regardless of how it’s designed, can profit from the services of a technical SEO consultant, whether they’re medium-sized businesses, tiny businesses, or multi-service web firms.


In most cases, web firms can benefit from a variety of services, including technical SEO audits, migrations, redirects, and code auditing. Of course, page speed improvements should be made as well, especially if SEOs discover a problem with the site’s loading time.


Small businesses, on the other hand, may prefer to deal with freelancers rather than hire someone in-house.


In this instance, they might look for someone with a decent enough portfolio to utilize for audits and regular work on sites like Upwork or others.


The prices of the services will vary based on what the technical SEO consultant has to offer these companies. The final fee may be reduced if they don’t do the grunt labor themselves and strictly keep to auditing the website.


They will charge more if they have to make all of the manual tweaks to ensure that everything is in line with the site. This is simply a heads-up because we’ll discuss how much technical SEO gurus charge further down, so keep reading!


Medium-sized and enterprise businesses can profit from these enhancements as well, but they will almost always try to hire someone in-house so that they have greater control over the SEO’s operations.


In some cases, tech SEO consultants may be required to work on multiple sites at once, particularly if they are providing services to large affiliate companies that manage multiple affiliate websites.


Large firms like to deal with SEO agencies who incorporate technical SEO in their packages, although this is not a requirement.


How to Become an Expert in Technical SEO


Technical sEO Consultants
Tech SEO Specialists or Technical SEO Consultant

It’s not as simple as you may assume to become a technical SEO consultant or technical SEO specialist. You must be familiar with some programming and be aware of all the technical aspects of a website that can go wrong or that you should consider before beginning to work on it.


Microdata tagging, page speed, lazy loading, HTML tags, and server side redirects are just a few of the suggestions that SEOs might provide.


The main difficulty is that, while there are numerous free resources accessible if you want to become an SEO in general, there are likely less if you want to become a tech SEO in specific.


So you’ll have to do some research to find out where the finest sites to study technical SEO are, keeping in mind that you should be able to improve your programming skills as well.


You don’t want your talks with the developers to be strange and awkward, and you don’t want them to think you don’t know anything about programming languages.


You don’t need to know how to code to participate. You must, however, be able to comprehend code modifications and the effects they can have on a site’s rankings.


When auditing a website, you should email the report to the developers, not simply to the person who requested the changes.


Some developers simply don’t grasp what they’re supposed to accomplish unless you explain it to them explicitly, and this is simply because they believe a minor change will break the code’s functioning.

Here are some pointers on how to become a technical SEO consultant.


1-Reading allows you to learn new things and develop new skills


These days, there are an astonishing number of free materials available to you, and you don’t even have to look hard to locate them. Begin with Craig Campbell’s blog and the technical SEO instructions we previously discussed.


The Ahrefs blog, the SEMRush blog, and Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide are also worth checking out. You can also visit Google’s own resources, such as the Webmasters Blog or the Support area.


One thing to bear in mind is that you may have a tendency to collect a large number of resources and then find yourself unable to keep up with what they post on a regular basis. In this situation, use an RSS feed or simply sift through the blogs you’ve subscribed to and try to sort the wheat from the chaff on a regular basis.


2-Resources that cost money


Paid courses are accessible both on this site and they will teach you absolutely as a technical SEO consultant all you should know about SEO, as well as its technical aspect.


Then there are platforms and brands like Lynda, Coursera, Udemy, or Skillshare, where you can either buy a single course or subscribe to thousands of other courses relating to what you want to learn, including basic programming languages, for a monthly or yearly fee.


Some of them are reasonably priced. For instance, if you sign up for a Skillshare subscription, the monthly charge will be roughly ten dollars.


3-Intern or work for a seasoned SEO


Being an employee or apprentice of a seasoned SEO can help you in a variety of ways, whether you want to earn a job or work as an intern for one to three months.


You may not even be needed to attend work. Having a mentor can be costly, but if you offer anything in return, they will undoubtedly teach you a variety of talents and advise you on other areas to investigate.


4-Make your own website and play around with it


They claim that practical experience is better than theory, and we couldn’t agree more. If you have a limited budget, creating your own website is not difficult, and there are numerous ways to monetise it.


Brand sponsorships and affiliate marketing are only two examples of monetization strategies, but there are many more. Aside from allowing you to hone your technical SEO skills, your website can also produce revenue, which is always a plus.


It can also connect you with other technical SEO apprentices or interns so you can learn about various ways to improve a website’s search engine optimization. You can also start working freelancing for clients all over the world by creating a distinct page for your portfolio on your website.


5-Attend meetings


The disadvantage of conferences is that they can be expensive, but being able to ask well-known SEOs about their tactics and tools can be incredibly beneficial.


You can even acquire cheaper tickets if you just want to attend online these days, albeit the disadvantage is that you won’t be able to participate in a question and answer session.


A technical SEO consultant’s responsibilities, competencies, and qualifications


If you’re hired as a technical SEO, what will you be expected to do? Although you may be requested to accomplish other things, here are some of your future obligations in this case:


  • Getting rid of duplicate content
  • Fixing any difficulties with page loading speed
  • Taking care of any indexing issues
  • SSL certificate installation
  • Ensure that the website for which you operate is mobile-friendly.
  • Creating and uploading Google Search Console site maps
  • Keeping a watch on any changes to the on-page and off-page elements (related to the way a site performs)
  • Understanding Google Analytics and other tools
  • Errors and defects should be tracked and rectified as soon as possible.


What about your credentials? Chances are, the employer that hires you isn’t interested in your formal schooling degree. You will, however, be required to supply certain details, such as whether you have prior experience or have finished any courses (and have a certificate to prove it).


You should have a good understanding of pagination, canonical tags, redirects, and robots.txt files.


Knowing a little HTML and CSS would be quite beneficial. Because most of your clients will be located in English-speaking nations or you will be using numerous English-language resources to brush up on your abilities, speaking excellent English is a prerequisite.


If you will be working in a team, you will be expected to have a number of soft skills, including the following:


  • Even when someone makes a mistake, being a good team player
  • Wanting to keep track of recent algorithm modifications Flexibility and imagination are required if you want to learn and practice new talents.
  • Having the courage to improve and speak out when you believe anything is wrong with a site and no one is willing to accept the error (it can happen more than once)
  • In times of need, assisting your coworkers
  • Every now and again, go out and have some fun with your crew.


Is a technical SEO Consultant need to have a college diploma?


No, in a nutshell. Approximately 80% of all persons working in this field have a degree in something unrelated, especially because the vast majority of universities throughout the world do not even teach search engine optimization.


This could be owing to the fact that SEO is always evolving, with new algorithms being released on a regular basis (the serious ones as small changes are being made every day).


If you are fortunate enough to have studied computer science, you will find learning everything lot easier. Even if you have a marketing or English degree, you can master the fundamentals of technical SEO and develop your skills over time to be a technical SEO consultant.


Salary of a technical SEO specialist


Everyone requires money to survive, and while this subject may be controversial for some, it must be addressed.

If you are just starting out, you can expect a salary of SEO expert about 50.000-55.000$ per year. That figure may be lower depending on your skills, but that is what you should expect if you live in the US or the UK, for example.


Experienced technical SEO consultant can earn anywhere from $70,000 to $80,000 or more.

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