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Are You Considering an Arabic Content Marketing Career? Here’s What You Need Before You Dive Into the Field.

Arabic Content Marketing

Are You Considering an Arabic Content Marketing Career? Here’s What You Need Before You Dive Into the Field.

If you look back at the marketing field just about 10 years ago, you probably wouldn’t have heard of people taking up Arabic content marketing as a separate career on its own. Even now, it is probably one of those career paths that you will have to explain to people every time they ask you “What do you do for a living?”.

In this article, we will break down to you what is content marketing? is it the right job for you? does a content marketer get paid well? and a couple of other questions that may be roaming your head if you are thinking of becoming an Arabic content marketing officer.

What Is Content Marketing? And When Did It Start?

Content marketing as a concept dates back all the way to the Dutch Golden Age. More specifically in 1672, when Jan Van Der Hayden, a dutch painter, and printmaker, decided he wanted to promote a fire hose he holds the patent to. His campaign included everything from print books to demos and visual content. Which made it an excellent example of a successful content marketing campaign for the earlier ages.

Within the field of digital marketing, content marketing could be considered a subcategory. It is a way for companies to connect with their customers in ways besides just selling them a product or service. They make these connections through a multitude of channels, including blog posts, social media posts, emails, gated content, and video.

Some even consider it as a form of art. For the reason that you are not only offering your audience valuable content but also involves the ability to design innovative and entertaining material that catches the eye of your target audience.

Is Content Marketing the Right Career for You?

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Your goal as a content marketer is to encourage someone to take action towards the service you are offering them. Content should entice people by providing them with valuable, entertaining, and relevant information. The content marketer’s task is to figure out not just how to do it, but also how to measure the effectiveness of techniques used. As a content marketer, you need to be a communicator as well as an analyst.

Finally, as a content marketer, your job is to contribute to the company’s entire digital marketing strategy by finding and interacting with the target audience in a meaningful way.

Choosing to take up a career in Arabic content marketing would be considered quite the catch on one hand, and on the other, it is exceptionally challenging. The reason for that is that only 2% of worldwide content is written in Arabic, which makes it quite the demanding path. Your role will include not only filling the gaps in content but also working on the gap in topic variety, specialized websites, and distribution. Playing on having your social media game strong could help, however, focusing on enhancing your organic search results plays a long game in proving your place in the Arabic content marketing field.

What Does a Content Marketer Do?

There are so many puzzle parts content marketers need to put together to come out with a perfectly executed content marketing strategy. it goes from writing blogs, emails, and social media posts, to analyzing data and everything in between.

Including keywords in your plan and assessing their effectiveness is a major player in enhancing your ranking on the search engine front, leading to more people having access to your content, which is the main goal behind any content marketing strategy. In addition, basing your campaign on what your audience desires, using the right tools and ideas to stay in contact with your users will boost your work in no time.

Is a Content Marketing Career Financially Feasible?

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There are various factors that play a role in how much you make as a content marketer:

First: Your Experience.

Being a newbie in this field will have you being paid as little as 50 cents a word, whereas experienced writers can get to being paid hundreds of dollars. As you make your way up the ladder of your Content Marketing Career, your profit will be higher. It all depends on how good and experienced you are in the business.

Second: Who Are Your Target Clients You’re Aiming to Work With?

As obvious as this may seem, but working with big corporate firms will definitely have you being paid more than working with small local businesses. This does not mean that one is better or worse, eventually, it’s all about how you envision your income being, whether you want it big or small, it’s up to you. However, having a diverse mix of clients is surely a bonus, because you’re getting the exposure of both, high-end corporate clients, and small businesses.

Third: How Are You Reaching Out to Your Clients?

Are you working with a client directly or through an agency? Finding your place and name in the freelance content marketing world, but in the long run, it is much more profitable financially. Yet, taking down the agency route will have you working in a much more variant environment, having different clients. In addition, one of the downsides of working through agencies is that you will only get paid after your agency taking their big fat piece of the pie.

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Finally: Your Negotiation Skills Make All The Difference.

This is not a call for you to get cocky with how you present yourself, but presenting yourself and your skills with confidence will earn you a seat at the big guys’ table. learning how to prove yourself and picking up skills along the way will make all the difference, which will lead to either having people hiring you for your good reputation and work, or they will turn a blind eye. It is your call.

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A career in content marketing is an exciting potential and career path if you have the right leadership skills, a strong drive to create content that will bring value to your reader, and excellent writing skills.

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