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How to Earn Money Without Money in Digital Online Marketing?

Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Earn Money Without Money in Digital Online Marketing?

If you are asking how to make free money online, the answer to “Digital Marketing Strategy” is not likely to invade the search results pages. Because providing a special budget is one of the most important steps in making a digital marketing method.

But to make money from marketing without paying a cent?!

It is really interesting; it can make you rich without having to risk your money. So, follow this guide from SEO Agency to see the top 6 free digital marketing channels.

How to make free money online with a digital marketing strategy?

digital marketing strategy
Digital Marketing Methods

If you want to invest your creative marketing ideas, but you are afraid to allocate budgets to implement your campaigns and provide your services. We will give you the best digital marketing channels that you can use to launch free marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing strategy is creeping into all global platforms and modern communication tools to be able to accompany the lives of users and fit their needs.
She is persistent in achieving her goals!

Whether you are a brand owner or a freelancer, you can start by learning how to make free money online with the following marketing methods:

  1. Social Media Marketing.
  2. Influencer Marketing.
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  4. Content Marketing.
  5. Email Marketing.
  6. Website Design.

Let us now explain information about each of them separately.

How to advertise on social media for free?

Do you think you always need money to reach your audience on social media platforms? Certainly not, but it is something that the administrations of these platforms suggest to you in an attempt to earn more money.
Are their attempts fraud, then?
No, for money they allow you to save the effort and time needed to reach specific audiences to get more conversions.
Here are the best social media platforms through which you can market your product, services, and brand for free.

1- Facebook:

Paid ads on Facebook have proven their ability to deliver your products and services to your target audience
But do you always need money to advertise on Facebook?!
To learn how to make free money online with Facebook’s digital marketing strategy, you need three main elements:

  1. Patience.
  2. Creative Ideas.
  3. Following the latest trends.

If you are a beginner and want to know how to start a digital marketing strategy, you can rely on the Facebook platform, with one of the following options:

  1. Creating a Facebook page, and making attractive content that keeps pace with the latest trends.
  2. Joining interactive Facebook groups, and promoting your products and services in line with the group’s policies.
  3. Creating visual content that achieves large numbers of views.
  4. Invest the stories section in your account by displaying your products, services, and your brand.
  5. Create a page with your brand name, including contact information and website, and great designs for your best products and services.

2- Instagram:

Do you have an Instagram account with a large number of followers? Surely your content could win their hearts so they decided to follow you?
You must realize, then, that you have an important platform to market your products and services and promote your brand without paying a single cent!
Can you earn from your social skills and influence those around you?!
Of course, it is a style of marketing called influencer marketing! where world-famous people charge astronomical numbers just for a picture of them with one of the products of major commercial companies.

Here are the steps to teach you how to make free money online on  Instagram:

  • Create a public account.
  • Collaborate with a photographer to get high-resolution photos.
  • Use design tools to edit photos and videos.
  • Follow all global trends and try to keep up.
  • Write down as many relevant hashtags.

By increasing the number of your followers, you will attract the attention of large companies to your marketing capabilities.

3- Twitter:

Are your tweets getting a lot of engagement? Have you noticed the reliance of world-famous people on Twitter?
Politicians, athletes, and actors use Twitter to communicate with their fans, as even a simple tweet from one of them can spark a public opinion revolution!
So why not consider investing in it as a digital marketing platform?
This may require creating a dedicated advertising account that will cost you a specific budget! on the other hand, you can use your creative and engaging content to attract more engagement and followers.
If you want to know how to start in a digital marketing strategy, you can count on Twitter as a spark to make a lot of money.

4- Pinterest:

digital marketing strategy
Marketing via Social Media

Pinterest is one of the most famous sites concerned with visual content, despite its lack of fame in the Middle East, it is very popular in Western countries.
Are you asking yourself now what the site offer in the world of digital marketing strategy?
Pinterest is like a wall of ads! you can put pictures of your products and recipes, and people will interact with them, not only that! They can even go to landing pages and sites that contain more information about their interests.

How to make free money online on Pinterest?
You can do this by creating high-quality designs and videos, which attract viewers, and provide more traffic to your website, thus more conversions.


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How to make free money online with influencer marketing?

Many people spend most of their time on the Internet following social media celebrities. They follow their news, watch their content daily, and get obsessed with them!
How could these celebrities influence users in this way?
They have spent years supporting their channels with eye-catching content, caring for people’s needs, and providing a kind of entertainment to lighten the burdens of life, until they have become a source of absolute trust for their followers. Therefore, we call them today the term “influencers“.

Can influencer marketing make good profits?
Not only that! Rather, it may be one of the best digital marketing methods ever! and it may form the nucleus of an idea from which to learn how to start a career in digital marketing strategy.

How to become an influencer?

  • Choose a niche for the content you want to provide.
  • Choose the social platform that best suits your content.
  • Present your content yourself to the audience, talk to them, interact with them, and build good social relationships around you.

What is the importance of SEO in content marketing?

digital marketing strategy
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you have a blog promoting your business? Are you trying your best to write good content to get more traffic, but you fail?
Many have tried hard to impress famous search engines like Google, but they never get the traffic they dreamed of!
Why? What did they miss?
For your content to gain Google’s trust, it must apply a set of principles that make it worthy of the top search results, known as the principles of SEO.

How to achieve good traffic with SEO?

1- Target a group of keywords with high search and low competition

2- Write an attractive description and title for the article that includes the keyword.

3- Use visual content that fits the principles of SEO.

4- Increase content readability by avoiding long phrases.

5- Adding internal and external links to index content.

6- Include keywords in the article link

7- Choose strong and influential words in the title of the article.

8- Make the content useful to the reader.

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Why use email marketing?

digital marketing strategy
Email Marketing

Have you ever noticed the huge number of promotional messages in your email? Large sites such as LinkedIn, Medscape, and others promote their services and products via e-mail.

What are the benefits of email marketing then?

  • The ability to reach very large numbers of users.
  • Gain more clients.
  • Encourage customers to make more conversions.
  • Email marketing is not subject to the policies and interests of a third party.
  • Ensure that your ads reach the target audience by 90%.
  • Avoid SPAM.

How to start a career in digital marketing strategy with your email?

Although many marketing agencies undertake to oversee the email marketing process, it is best for you as a beginner to save your money by building a personal strategy.
How is that?
By making an effort to build a database of your current and potential customers, including information about their e-mail, and then sending them promotional messages via e-mail dedicated to your business.

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What is the importance of website design in digital marketing?

Imagine if you entered an online store, which has a charming layout and attractive design, but its pages take time to load, wouldn’t you get bored then? Wouldn’t that reflect negatively on the store’s reputation?
A web designer should take care of two important things while working:

  • Simplicity of design.
  • High performance.

You can learn how to make free money online via web design by knowing its importance in supporting:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Customer conversion rates.

A site with a good design, simple and attractive creative options, and high-performance elements, can easily win the trust of customers and search engines.


Our team has provided you with an integrated guide to learning how to make free money online through different digital marketing methods.
You do not need a huge budget to make a profit from e-marketing and some creative ideas and patience may suffice to achieve your goals.


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