Top 5 Arabic SEO Myths you should ignore in 2021!

Since there is no reliable reference for what is an SEO Myth and what is a fact, big G will never share its algorithmic secrets and end the debate about its ranking factors, there are definitely some vague statements from Google spokespersons every now and then, but they are not allowed to discuss with SEO’s, webmasters and business owners how to secure “Free” traffic through organic search, given that it’s commonly agreed on Organic Search converts better than any other channel due to Searcher’s Intent.

Given the Arabic Digital Marketer appetite for buzz & rumours, theories and nonsense from Arabic Digital Marketers and SEO Gurus! yet some facts were agreed upon by real SEO’s and top players around the world – whom we vouch for – and agree to what they say is or is not an SEO Myth, here is the top Myths we are still hearing in 2021 on Linkedin feeds, Clients, and in most Arabic Digital Marketing communities.

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1. SEO is Dead! as if SEARCH will ever die!!!

S from search, and search will never die, O from Optimization, optimization by definition is a never-ending process of making something or resource – in our case its webpage – BETTER, therefore the need for making webpages better will never slow down as long the internet is growing, period.

Indeed, organic traffic in its all-time low for specific search queries, Zero clicks searches are on the rise, and Google pushing paid ads more and more, but are organic results going to disappear? and if it does will Google still be resourceful for its own clients/users?

Wouldn’t that push searchers to use other Search Engines? DuckDuckGo is doubling its traffic quarter by quarter, more users are relying on Adblockers, and anonymous incognito internet browsing is not dying.

Also, Ranking cannot die! if you got ten results you have to order them somehow, right? and it’s SEO’s job to figure out why a search engine is favouring a result over the other, and do a better job, great SEO’s are like cockroaches, you cannot eliminate them even if you Nuke them, so definitely an SEO Myth.

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2. SEO is one Time Process and it’s set forever!

If you build a house you need to maintain it, you buy a car you don’t expect it to run forever organically! So why would your investment in Search engine optimization be any different!

Surely the main chunk of your investment should be a one time only, majority the technical side of SEO, where you set rules on your site and database, or increasing Site speed and performance, its hideous to keep doing it daily, you can but SEO is a game of priorities, essentially Content and Links are the ongoing tasks, even if it’s to be done moderately as the campaign moves forward and your click wheels are rolling.

But you can’t set it and forget it, even if you already ranking first and the algorithm is favouring you, and there are no more – Google updates- which is impossible, your competitors will eventually catch up, new providers will join the race and there is only Number 1 Positon.

Its called FREE traffic but there is nothing Free in business, it’s cheaper traffic compared to ads, maintenance and support should come at lower costs compared to the initial investment in the implementation and gaining authority, but you have to regularly audit your website performance to make sure you are not missing opportunities or extinguishing small fires before spreading out and affecting your business.

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3. PPC Cant Help you rank higher

This Myth was triggered by SEO’s who wanted to exaggerate organic benefits – as if they need to – to convince clients that it’s better than PPC, probably because they cannot perform successful paid campaigns, of course, PPC is amazing and it’s a secured win IF you have enough budget.

According to Googlers, there is no relation between the organic and the Ads algorithm, and there is no evidence that if you put money in Google’s pocket it will help you rank better, However; increasing traffic and engagement signals, conversion and real user-generated signals will definitely help your organic side perform better, and that’s great for SEO’s and business owners, and even users if you care.

Little Caveat on this SEO Myth, paid ads will cost hire if your organic side is awful, your ad will not be relevant and user experience, if it’s horrible, will affect your rankings negatively, but going hand in hand securing paid and organic position along with a pleasant and useful user experience is the key to success in search, so consider both and most importantly, do not spend the bigger chunk of your budget on Website Development and then go cheap with the optimization and marketing, that would be like building Dubai Mall in the Arabian Sahara.

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4. Google Prefers FRESH content, you have to produce content constantly!

Fine, content is KING! but links are its QUEEN, and for many topics, COVID-19 effect on the economy, of course, fresher content will perform better, but if you are searching for World War 1 references, who cares about the timestamp, on the contrary!! aged domains and webpages will outperform any newcomer any given day.

There different types of search queries, some Queries Deserve Diversity QDD, others deserve E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) and partially QDF Query deserves Freshness.

So we stress out investigating what you want to be famous for, and most importantly what topics most interest and help your customers and produce content accordingly, from an Arabic SEO Agency standpoint, we enjoy deleting webpages for clients over creating new ones, and mostly they benefit better when we eliminate asset consuming resource, mostly duplicated blog content.
Fresh content? Total SEO Myth.

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5. PageRank is not a metric for Google Ranking anymore!

This SEO Myth we have to give credit to Google for keeping it well hidden, they stated that when Google was launched in 1998, its algorithm relied heavily on links pointing to a webpage, to determine its worthiness for users, therefore creating the industry of link-building and selling, and it’s totally understandable both ways, links do indicate the importance of a page, and PageRank have no better option than measuring links to assess the page’s final score in its index.

Over the years, and as more SEO’s abused the facts the links matter, and as Google algorithm evolved with more intersecting rules for all type of web searches, the need to give links the most attention has dropped with more signals to be used, like engagement, dwell time, Click Through Rate, social shares and signal, better content analysis and security, Optimizing for web search got harder with more pieces to move, which is amazing for better internet experience.

Therefore, Google released some core updates targeting link schemes and devaluing links, Penguin and Panda hit link farms and other shady links practices, which made many SEO’s quit the game as their strategies are no longer working or not worth the time and effort.

Given all that said, PageRank still matters a LOT! all other signals are easily manipulated compared to the rigorous link standards in 2021! links from authoritative domains are much harder to acquire, and links without great content and user experience will not move the needle for your website, but it matters a lot! it would not an exaggeration if we say it still weights 50% of all SEO work! so If your competitors are buying them go get the best you can and don’t be fooled by Google’s SEO Myth.

Recently, contradicting all previous opposite statements, this one we got a straight answer from John, Gary and Martin, where Martin answered “Yes PageRank Still Matters”

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