Keywords Everywhere Review | Top Keyword Research Tool

keywords everywhere tool

Keywords Everywhere Review | Top Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs are well-known, and many marketers have probably used them. Keywords Everywhere is a relatively new and quite successful one that we discovered.


It works a little differently than other online apps in that it’s a Google Chrome extension rather than a standalone web app.


In today’s article, SEO Agency goes over some of the tool’s most important features, how it works, how much it costs, and other things you should know about it.



Keywords Everywhere Tool


keywords everywhere tool
keyword research on search engines


The biggest difference between the Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension and the Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension is that it can only be used for keyword research.


Various solutions, which are unquestionably more expensive in contrast, will allow you to investigate other topics, such as your competition and how your website performs in terms of DR, traffic, and other statistics.


However, with Keywords Everywhere, you’ll only be able to find global and local search terms that you may use in your content across many platforms.


Which Platforms do Keywords Everywhere work with?


One of the most compelling reasons to try this tool is that it is not limited to Google or search engines in general.


The commercial edition grants you access to data from a variety of sources, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Trends, as well as Amazon, Etsy, YouTube, UberSuggest, and eBay.


This makes it a very handy addon for people who sell things on various online marketplaces, such as Etsy.


There is a distinction between the two types of Keywords Everywhere extensions in that free users have access to far less data than paying users.


For example, the paid version supports over ten different websites, but if you don’t want to buy any credits, you’ll have to make do with data from Google, Bing, and YouTube — with the caveat that you won’t be able to monitor search volumes for any of these keywords.


It goes without saying that the search volume of any term is crucial since it not only tells you how many people search for that term each month but also tells you how popular (and competitive) that term is.


How to Use Keywords in Every Situation


keywords everywhere as freemium chrome extension
Keyword Planner


Although you may be unfamiliar with how this tool operates and how to install it, the process is actually fairly straightforward.


Getting the cheapest subscription to test the program is probably the best decision, at least at first, because you will effectively be paying for a number of credits that will allow you to visualize the keyword data.


When you register an account with Keywords Everywhere, you essentially give them your email address and they send you an API key that allows you to utilize your credits – or even use the program for free.


It only takes a minute to install the extension, and then you’re ready to go. Another thing to note is that the Keywords Everywhere extension is compatible with both Google Chrome and Firefox, so if you prefer the former, you can still use it with the latter.


The official Keywords Everywhere website is the ideal spot to start the installation process.


When the extension is enabled, the keywords will appear on the right side of every Google search page, for example.


As a result, many marketers choose to deactivate it on a frequent basis to avoid being paid for credits whenever they wish to use Google for anything other than keyword research.


The data on the right displays the volume, CPC, and competition for each search phrase, but the best part about this tool is that it provides numerous suggestions, allowing you to access possibly hidden data.


You can also export the data to a CSV file if you prefer to complete all of your work on your computer, even while you aren’t connected to the Internet.


The CPC measure, on the other hand, allows you to better determine how much money you’re likely to spend on PPC advertising.


Furthermore, the competition differs from other Keywords Everywhere competitors in that the number represents the number of persons that are targeting that search phrase through paid advertising.


Instead of seeing the data on any search engine’s search page, you can utilize the extension directly from your browser. We’ve discovered that this is a little more useful because it provides a lot more information right away.


The Keywords Everywhere addon includes a great function that allows you to evaluate some of your competitors’ pages, focusing on the search phrase that you wish to target as well.


The tool effectively informs you what keywords were used on that page — including search phrase variations and alternatives — and can also help you figure out which search terms you should employ.


What can you do using Keywords Everywhere?


Keywords Everywhere can obviously be used for keyword research, but it may also be utilized for a variety of other tasks, some of which we may have already mentioned.


For example, with this tool, you may efficiently change your PPC campaigns based on the data you obtain from the trends, competition, and CPC value is shown.


Another feature we enjoy about the software is the Page Analyzer, which lets you look at a lot of information for the keywords targeted on your competitors’ pages — and, best of all, the tool shows you where those keywords are, whether they’re in the headings or the text.


For each search phrase, it also displays the density, number of keyword uses, volume, CPC, competition, and trend (for the United States).


Finally, few programs can provide you with appropriate keyword data for sites such as eBay, Amazon, or Etsy, so you can absolutely utilize Keywords Everywhere for eCommerce.


It also allows you to choose which markets you should sell in in order to achieve the best returns.


You’ll also learn about your competition (but only through search), uncover a slew of long-tail keywords that would not have occurred to you previously, and make timely changes to your advertising efforts.


Who is the ideal user for Keywords Everywhere?


If you’ve been looking for a simple keyword tool that simply provides you with the information you need about various search phrases and ideas, Keywords Everywhere is a good place to start.


However, this tool has significant limits, which we’ll discuss in greater detail in the section below, along with its benefits and drawbacks.


You’re definitely the ideal Keywords Everywhere user if you manage a website, an online store, or make YouTube videos.


If you’re a marketer who deals with a lot of other data, it might be worth looking into, but it won’t make your work any easier because you’ll probably want to know other metrics as well, not simply those linked to search terms.


Furthermore, it’s very easy to forget that you have the extension set on, which means you may unintentionally use some of your credits when you don’t want to.


To be safe, you should have a defined schedule in place where you switch it off at the end of each work session.


Advantages and disadvantages


There are numerous advantages to utilizing this tool, including the fact that its UI is extremely smooth, the overall user experience is good, it is customizable and uncomplicated, and it provides the majority of the keyword data you require.


Apart from that, because it’s an extension, you can set it up nearly anywhere on the planet if you have your API key (which will be provided to you, so keep that message in your inbox), even if you’re on vacation and use a different computer.


Another benefit to consider is that it is compatible with over ten different search engines and platforms, especially since not all tools provide data from the most popular marketplaces today.


Last but not least, when it comes to the benefits of this gadget, it is quite inexpensive. Anyone can buy 100,000 credits for $10, and if you use Keywords Everywhere judiciously and switch it off when you aren’t using it, this amount of credits should last you several months.


The one disadvantage we’ve discovered with this addon is that it’s quite simple to forget you have it set on, resulting in credit waste unintentionally.


Furthermore, it will not provide you with as much data as some of its competitors, so consider some of the Keywords Everywhere alternatives listed below.




This is where Keywords Everywhere distinguishes itself from many other tools. Other keyword research software, for example, requires you to pay a monthly fee regardless of whether you utilize it or not.


However, with Keywords Everywhere’s credit-based pricing, you can save a lot of money, especially on days when you don’t use the service at all.


What is the price of Keywords Everywhere? The most affordable ‘plan’ costs only $10 and includes 100,000 credits.


The way you use them is determined by the information you obtain, and while the typical Google search value is around 30 credits, you can also use the tool interface to conduct searches because it provides information on your main keyword and suggests some long-tail possibilities.


There are more expensive plans as well, but they aren’t always the best. For instance, $50 gets you 500,000 credits whereas $200 gets you 2,000,000 credits, therefore the arithmetic works out so that you can obtain the cheaper plans again and over.


How long will these credits be valid? It depends on the plan you’ve chosen, as well as how frequently you utilize the tool. They can last a long time if you remember to turn off the extension when you are not using it.



Looking for an alternative to Keywords Everywhere? Look at this!


keywords everywhere review
Google Keyword Tool


The first and most significant distinction between this tool and several of its competitors is that the latter normally operates on a monthly subscription basis. The cost of a tool is inevitably influenced by its complexity and what you can do with it.


KeySearch, for example, will set you back at least $17 a month, while AccuRanker will set you back $99 per month.


The same can be said for the tools we’ve already discussed, such as Ahrefs’ Lite plan, which costs $99 per month, and SEMrush’s basic Pro plan, which costs $119.95 per month (at the time of writing).


These two last tools, however, provide far more data, and if you’re a seasoned marketer or work with several different websites on a regular basis, they’ll be far more beneficial to you than Keywords Everywhere.


Alternatively, you can acquire a basic plan from any of these tools and use it in conjunction with Keywords Everywhere to compare search term data like volume, CPC, and competitiveness.


One thing to keep in mind is that, like any of its competitors, the data you can acquire from Keywords Everywhere differs slightly from what you can get from Google’s conventional products like the Keyword Planner.


Finally, while Keywords Everywhere isn’t perfect, it’s still a pretty useful tool that’s also quite economical, so it’s worth giving it a shot.

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