The State Of Local Search in Arabia 2020 – Inductive Study

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The State Of Local Search in Arabia 2020 – Inductive Study

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Local search marketing connects your business to real-world communities. With Big-Tech companies racing to fill the gap between the offline & online worlds, SEO bridges the places where consumers live, work, and spend their time, most importantly and make most of their purchases.

Just like Social Media when it started a decade ago,  the competition was low, and the ROI was high, now things are getting harder and harder, Local search in the Arabia region is not different, we’ve been around, leaning continuously, yet we feel like we achieve less year after year.

The State of International SEO is not different, with few websites dominating the scene for Arabic SERP’s, increasing their traffic and authority with time, it became harder to penetrate those markets.

This series will bring insight into the industry. Will simplify complex statistics for both marketers and business owners, stay tuned.

The Good News!

As search evolves and queries getting more specific, local search queries are rising, with more accurate results for local, more users are relying on quick answers, so more opportunities arise for small and local businesses to get discovered by customers looking for their product or service.

Small businesses are no longer competing with enterprises for the valuable 10 organic blue links on the first page, the landscape has changed drastically after google’s core updates, most significantly the increase of No-Click queries, reaching astonishingly 52% in 2019, all digital assets are affected, whether it’s your website or social platforms, less traffic flowing from google to your properties.

One of the most neglected yet important factors, is placing Google Maps results within the first page, despite that only 15% of search queries triggering a local map results -3 pack- and showing the knowledge of graph on branded and direct queries, making SERP the brick mortar storefront of your business, and the homepage of your website.

Local Businesses challenges

Yes they can get discovered easier, and organically without paying for ads, but the Search industry is changing faster, with ranking factors constantly updating, it’s almost impossible for local marketers to keep up with the practices, even harder to explain it to clients, not mentioning the obsolete websites, even for big companies, still stuck in the Web 2.0 era, believing that web pages purpose of displaying information only.

Marketers challenges

Nowadays, local marketers need to be exceptional communicators too, it’s not enough to master your trade without having the ability to formulate complex ideas and metrics into simple concepts, while achieving the pre-set business goals, to generate leads and sales, not just brand awareness and recognition.

Local marketing isn’t search

With the absence of Google alternatives, and expanding of paid ads, local marketers should zoom out, and set their priorities right, assessing all channels before investing in any, word of mouth will remain one of the most important factors in customer’s decision, optimizing for other directories, especially local ones, should not be neglected, we all absorb information through different channels.

Search will always be significant, but other alternatives including email and networking will get you the 360 marketing approach, and test like no tomorrow. 

We always recommend our clients to pay 100JOD on Facebook, and measure ROI, then do the same for all channels they use and measure the results in an isolated environment. then, when working on bigger or smaller budgets, they are assured that their activities are as efficient as possible, and that’s optimization! 

Google My Business

Local SEO is not only your maps listing, yes there is a good argument that Google will keep investing in it to compete with websites and social media platforms alike, yet the majority of local business still unaware of its role, nor how the data is gathered, nor the local search ranking factors, with more than 80% of business still not verified in Amman, the capital city of Jordan (the number is inductive, just like the whole series as there are no actual numbers covering the MENA region.

Marketers nearly all agreed on the power of Reviews:

Where the bigger pursuit industry utilizes the idea of Expertise, Authority, and Trust (EAT) to direct their comprehension of Google’s calculations,

Local SEOs are multiplying down on nearby business surveys as a basic trust factor.

No matter how you look at it, advertisers concur that surveys sway Google’s nearby rankings. Past that,

surveys shape notoriety, sway changes, what’s more, drive both client care and deals. They’re a power that can’t be disregarded when creating an advanced nearby technique.

Post COVID-19 Digital Marketing

Business-will clearly comes back to their typical promoting spending, yet it appears it will require some investment Both brands and advertisers have a cheerful interpretation of things to come, to a great extent concurring that we’ll, in the long run, come back to a progressively ordinary condition of activities. Indications of this could incorporate less need for defensive gear and quantifies and a slow uptick in foot traffic.

Meanwhile, do your most extreme to actualize and impart the measures you’re taking to guarantee that clients are sheltered and very much served. This reasonable correspondence is basic to your present tasks.

Proximity still matters most to local rankings

How close searchers are to your business is still the undisputed ranking factor, it significantly impact Google search results, unfortunately, it’s something business can’t control, but spammers and fake listings are on the rise! Compared to the rest of the world Jordan is still relatively clean, but unless Google takes stronger stands against them, it will affect legitimate business.


However, you can boost your local presence by ranking in different Arabic countries through geo targetted location pages.

Connect with our team if you suspect negative SEO or spam in your niche, let’s fight spam together.

No Proper Training for Local SEO

According to a study done by Moz in 2019, 62% of marketers believe that training isn’t available for local SEO, Marketers know the value of training, and nearly two-thirds of them say they’re not getting the high-quality training and resources they need to excel in local SEO.

Local SEO marketing consultants need to do a better job of sharing knowledge, learning materials, and education with marketers.

Maps Of Arabia SEO Agency

Arabic eCommerce online stores

More businesses in the MENA region are realizing the benefits of strong digital presence, and having an online store selling the same products in-store, a step to drop the physical presence to online only businesses.

Cutting staff and rental costs, and reaching more Arabic customers in the same country or any other in the MENA region, and most importantly not competing with global websites in the Arabic language search queries.

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