The biggest dilemma for Digital Marketing Companies in Jordan 2020

Understanding digital marketing gives great power, exposure and discoverability can make companies and even small businesses famous! it’s ideal of goal any campaign, especially against the poor competition, in the non-English speaking countries.

The Internet Marketing industry is still yet to grow, 20 years is not enough to shape an understanding of an industry, especially for the fastest-changing industry mankind has ever faced.

With the majority of Digital Marketing Companies in Jordan still amateur, We’ve been around, working with minimum budgets and almost open ones, and it’s obvious that the bigger the budget, the more guaranteed success would be, but to what extent! success is unmeasurable, so we break it down into 3 elements (Time, Goal, and Spending)

Digital Marketing Companies in Jordan

Digital Marketing Companies in Jordan Sales Approach

Whether it’s a marketing agency, freelancer, or consultant, when closing the deal with a client, the deliverables must be stated clearly, at least guaranteed and expected results.

Business owners lack the digital knowledge or focusing on social media over SEO as they still don’t know how it actually works, Google Webmasters answer the “Do you need SEO” question to a certain degree, but still what can a digital marketing Agency achieve? what should they promise?

It’s almost impossible to tune down the client expectations, and actually closing the deal! it’s easy to achieve some results, yes a chart increase, reaching the first page for a certain keyword, increasing the Domain authority with some links all doable, but how does that meet the business goals? and could it be done in less time and less spending?

The paid ads route is somehow guaranteed, you set a budget, you target a bunch of keywords, and you pay per click, and as long as you are spending the traffic keeps coming. but is it worth it? could the same result be achieved organically? that’s what measures efficiency and performance for a marketing campaign.

Organic advertising on the other hand is trickier, a digital marketing agency should not commit to a campaign that they know it’s doomed, even if the client is willing to pay for their fees and best practices, there is always  – Low hanging fruits – easy keywords that you can rank for, as it’s pointless to go head to head against dominant competitors and expect results within a year, with a small budget! but many digital marketing companies in Jordan do not turn away from such deals, justifying their acceptance that they also have bills to cover, and they are putting effort and dedication into the campaign and hoping for it to work out! but it never does.

How Digital marketing budgets affect results

Digital Marketing Agency Jordan

Too many factors affect conversions and search rankings, spending offline on radio ads, for example, will cause a spike in branded search traffic, as more users are searching for a brand by name, clicking and spending time on site, will surely affect CTR (Click Through Rate) resulting in higher organic rankings.

Having a bigger budget for Google Ads, will allow you to withstand pricey competition, and appear for more search queries, and if you do it long enough.

CPC (Cost Per Click) will drop as you increase User Signals and other matrices, some say that will make you more favourable to rank higher in organic results, but Google confirmed that both algorithms are separate, however, it’s commonly agreed that it affects organic indirectly.

On the organic side, a bigger budget will allow you to get high DR links to your site, producing more and better content, get media and news coverage.

Ideally, with a high budget, you can follow Google Guidelines and achieve results, but it’s rarely the case for small and medium businesses, once of our clients once insisted to gain all links organically, and he got 8 views in the first 6 months! he also spent the majority of his budget on developing the website, leaving a small amount for marketing! it was a hopeless case.

Over Promising, Under Delivering

Digital Marketing Affordable Guaranteed

It’s not even a dilemma for Digital Marketing Companies, but rather a paradox, but to keep it simple, agreements should be boiled up to Promises and Deliverables.

No marketing agency should make promises before auditing the current situation fully, the best marketing agencies can guarantee deliverables upon assessment, SEO is not one size fits all, each niche is different, each SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is different.

A decent digital marketing company would rather go bankrupt over taking the money for services a client don’t need, or even worse, will add no value, it’s okay not to know what to do, Digital Marketers and their clients are in the same circle of chaos, accept that and work your way through, together as partners.

So What should Digital Marketing Companies in Jordan do!

We are not against selling promises, and we have to make promises upon our inductive knowledge, and figure next steps as we move on, keep it simple, follow a checklist of things that needs to be done, then optimize, but never sell a dream, or raise client expectation beyond what is achievable from Digital Marketing companies in Jordan.
Just keep it simple, it’s an essential requirement for digital marketers to be great educators, neglect the 200 ranking factors and focus on the 5 most important, on-page, content, speed, and links.

Also, explain that optimization is a never-ending process, what worked great for us is being flexible with SEO pricing, we take clients on a monthly, hourly, and project basis, it’s a value-added service, you shouldn’t charge a penny if you are not adding value, balance so your agency and your client are equally grateful.

Still, confused? Connect with our Digital Marketing Experts to get a free audit, then compare it with 2 other audits from other agencies, you should be able to fix some on your own, bring a developer to implement other fixes, then let us know if we still can help 🙂

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