Maps of Arabia, a digital marketing agency offering top-notch SEO Services is pleased to announce that they have Top ranked SEO Agency on Google and according to Design Rush.

It’s also featured in the Associated Press for ranking 1st Arabic SEO Company.

Ever since the company was launched, the team thought that competing for “Arabic SEO Agency” was impossible and hence focused on “SEO Agency” in Amman and Jordan. The elements that went into this were a local search query with decent competition, medium keyword difficulty, and a good search volume. The team assumed that it would take a year but they achieved it in just 3 months and now rank on top of the search results in Google.

The Maps of Arabia team used a very interesting strategy by optimizing their pages for the users and by offering something valuable to the visitors such as “Free SEO Audit”. They optimized the whole user experience by making the landing page interesting with videos, services offered, blogs, and easy navigation. Above anything else they gave the opportunity for the visitors to jump to the spot where they can request an audit.

The audits did take hours but they have built priceless relationships with the local businesses during the process. So, the secret behind page ranking is to create good content that is good enough for websites to link and Google will most likely rank the site better; thereby increasing the domain authority. This is what happened with Maps of Arabia.

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