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Opinion Sculpting and its’ relation to SEO in 2022

Opinion Sculpting

Opinion Sculpting and its’ relation to SEO in 2022

Opinion sculpting is a complicated method to achieve crucial goals in help with search engines, so if you’re a content writer and curious to know more about used strategies in opinion shaping, this article is for you.

Almost every day, the media is attacked and blamed for being false, clouding the public’s perspective of government policies and leaving many people wondering what is true? what is real?

Social engineering is a top-down effort to influence certain attitudes and social behaviors on a broad scale—usually by governments, but often through the media, academics, or private groups—in order to achieve desired characteristics in a target population.

Philosophically, social engineering may be seen as a deterministic phenomenon in which the aims and purposes of the designers of the new social construct are achieved. Some social engineers employ the scientific method to investigate and comprehend social processes in order to devise effective techniques for achieving the desired outcomes in human subjects.

Social engineering has existed from the beginning of time, and prophets have displayed exceptional abilities in it. But, why are we discussing it here?


Opinion Sculpting
opinions sculpting


Although Social Engineering is a wide word, the more specific term is Opinion Sculpting, and in the following, we will discuss Opinion Sculpting and its connection with SEO.

To be honest, SEO is a topic that touches on literally everything. This is especially true when the majority of decisions are made following the execution of search queries and most opinions are sculpted after doing the same. On the other hand, the search results are mainly Content, Articles, Blogs, Press Releases, News, Publications, Videos, or reviews that talk about the topic.


How does SEO play a role in opinion sculpting?


For instance, people tend to Google this query quite often, Democrats vs. Republicans? Which President of the United States of America is the best? Why did the US attack Iraq? What is the difference between Pfizer and Moderna? Which Arabic SEO Agency is the Best? Why buy Arabic Backlinks?

Many of us would say it because of “peer pressure,” but we believe it is closer to herd behavior. This guideline “…applies particularly to how we judge what constitutes appropriate behavior.” We see behavior as more proper in a particular context if we observe others doing it.” Essentially, everyone else is doing it, so I will as well.

You laugh because your friends are laughing, but you don’t get the joke.

You notice everyone else looking up at the sky, so you do as well (works every time). A large number of people have taken the covid19 vaccination as a result of their connection to others who have taken it.

Opinion Sculpting
Opinion Shaping


Additionally, we prefer to answer yes to requests from those to whom we are physically attracted and/or to those who are similar to us, whether in terms of origins, personality traits, background, or lifestyle. Individuals go toward things that are familiar to them. On the other side, they frequently fear what they do not know and seek out and study unfamiliar subjects.

This is why African-American people massively voted for Obama and why presidential candidates are more likely to win in their home states. Also working together towards a common goal and being “on the same side” is very powerful. It explains why “Yes We Can” was such a successful unifying slogan for the 2008 Obama campaign.

What if we added to it some Scarcity “…opportunities seem more valuable to us when their availability is limited.” limited time offers — A certain product is in short supply that cannot be guaranteed to last long. Vaccine shortages news and some other deadlines.

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“The Russian government interfered in the 2016 United States presidential election with the intent of harming Hillary Clinton’s campaign, bolstering Donald Trump’s candidacy, and sowing political and social strife in the United States.” This sentence is a good example. So, if the Russian government did it, credit them for using opinion sculpting; if not, the US has used opinion sculpting for accusing and influencing perceptions about Russia after the election.

How does SEO influence opinion sculpting?

If you know the trending keywords with the highest search volume if you are the best at collecting trending keywords in Arabic via Arabic Keywords research, and if you are the best at doing complex SEO hacks, with strong connections with Global Publishers and News Agencies, you are halfway there; the remaining half is a secret.

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