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Why did Saudi Arabia’s major telecom create a campaign based on what people search for on Google?

Why did Saudi Arabia’s major telecom create a campaign based on what people search for on Google?

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How do you communicate with clients that are unfamiliar with the things you offer? stc, Saudi Arabia’s largest telecoms provider, was preparing to launch 5G services in the area. However, they noticed that many local customers were unfamiliar with the benefits and value of 5G by analyzing Google Search inquiries.

To address this, the team collaborated with prominent Saudi YouTube producer Sohayb Quds to develop a video series in which they addressed the region’s most frequently asked 5G questions. And they showed these videos to the same people who were putting these queries into Google.

The video case study outlines stc’s data-backed campaign from start to finish, demonstrating how the telecom won over regional audiences with useful information about the benefits of 5G — plus a hearty dose of Saudi humour.

Understanding customer interest may give Saudi Marketers with real-time information into audience demands and mood. The following are three significant lessons from the campaign.

Keep abreast with customer trends and interests.

Having a pulse on the audience’s passions and pain areas may help companies connect with them. To advertise its 5G services, stc discovered the most common search inquiries about 5G, which resulted in a data-driven campaign that was both light and informative. Google Trends, for example, provides real-time search data that may be used to gather these user insights while planning a campaign.

Evaluate and improve

People are going online more than ever before to keep connected as a result of the epidemic. Utilize first-party data to identify consumer interests and pain areas during encounters with your company. You may then run A/B tests to adjust messaging and measure results in order to continually improve your marketing.

Collaborate with a partner who is appropriate for your target audience.

Once you’ve identified your target audience groups, you may think about working with an online creative who is a good fit for your brand and audience. Despite the technical nature of the material, stc’s use of comedy, spearheaded by Saudi YouTube artist Sohayb Quds, provided a light-hearted approach of engaging listeners.

It makes sense to target consumers who are interested in your product or service rather than wasting time on people who aren’t. That was the technique used by Saudi Telecom Company (stc), Saudi Arabia’s largest telecoms provider, last year to promote the debut of their new 5G product range.

Universal McCann (UM), their media agency, combined all of stc’s data to offer a comprehensive perspective of their customers. This enabled the agency and stc teams to undertake in-depth analysis and get insights into the various audience categories.

They then collaborated with creative management tool to A/B test several ad messages to see which strategy would create the most interaction among each target demographic.

Identifying crucial target audiences

Stc began by analyzing first-party data — information supplied directly by consumers with their consent — to identify the top five most relevant populations to whom they should market their new 5G product range. This division was established by consumers’ affinity and in-market behavior, rather than their demographic or planned behavior. The teams looked at:

To find audience passions and pain areas, use Google Analytics 360’s greatest conversion rates and lowest bounce rates.

Display & Video 360 (DV360) new users to track the maximum overlap similarity index. This detects and eliminates any overlap among comparable audiences.

In YouTube Analytics, the audience’s excitement for a topic or inclination to purchase a product.

On DV360, we dug deep into stc’s engaged audiences (those who had previously connected with their campaigns) and found affinity categories to which these audiences belonged (i.e., Gamers, movie buffs, travel enthusiasts, etc).

“We were able to determine the top audience demographics through this research and preliminary filtering,” said Abdallah Al Farm, digital paid media manager, consumer business unit at stc. “We divided them into five groups based on their likelihood of being interested in quicker 5G reception — movie fanatics, keen gamers, motorheads, travel enthusiasts, and sports fans — and we made care to emphasize on their specific interests when engaging with them.”

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