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11 Simple Hacks to Boost Your Content Creation Career

Content Creation

11 Simple Hacks to Boost Your Content Creation Career

The world is moving very fast with the constantly emerging and evolving technologies, content writers should always keep themselves in the loop to create the best content they possibly can.

In the digital marketing world, whether you are a master or a novice, good content creation and keeping up with the latest trends is the key to mastering your online promotion plan, and achieving a good ranking on the search engine front.

In the following article, you will find the main points you should consider, or as might be called top trends in the digital marketing business, how they influence your writing, in addition to some tips to stay “on top of your game”.

SEO Is the Main Focus

SEO and its relationship to content creation.

Where some trends came into the world and slowly disappeared after, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is here to stay. It’s a world that is constantly evolving, and as a content writer you should up your game to achieve high-quality content that is engaging & up to date with the latest trend.

As a content writer, you should be taking the effort to stay well-run on the latest trends by following SEO experts and service providers, and by subscribing to their newsletter, you will be getting first-hand latest updates as soon as it becomes available to be published.

While the means of delivery might vary, one thing that never changes is that readers and search engines are constantly on the hunt for simple, well-written content that serves a purpose.

Content Creation & Reliance on AI

Artificial intelligence has been developing for many years and was a part of very few industries. However, nowadays AI plays a huge role in a wide range of fields, including content writing.  

There is a huge role AI plays in generating faster automated content, to help institutions, such as newspapers and major news providers, in order for them to produce quality content. In September 2020, The Guardian, a British news and media website, released a 1520-word article completely written by a robot titled “A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scared yet?”.

This article is considered revolutionary on all aspects, not only because it was published by a well-known respected news outlet, which gives it the credibility the reader looks for when reading for when searching such subjects. However, it was also eye opening for many other news providers and creators to explore this area of content creation that no one thought was possible.

AI is also found in personalizing apps to produce and recommend content based on people’s personal data. This can be found in music streaming platforms, such as Anghami, or in health tracking apps, such as Huawei Health. Some believe that, with the right advanced technology, AI will be replacing human writers. But until then, writers now make use of automated editing and proofreading tools to help them improve their writings while saving them time and effort

Source: 6 Ways AI Can Improve Content Creation

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Keyword Research

Writing engine-friendly content means having to do extensive research to ensure having a relevant and engaging piece. This also helps you have a better understanding of the subjects and themes that attract the audience.

When you are writing a piece, you probably have a couple of keywords in mind you want to include in your post. In order to give that keyword list of yours more volume, you can enter them into a keyword research tool to help you not only discover similar keywords, but also it will shed the light on frequently asked questions and topics that might enrich your content even more.

In some cases, even though you want to include phrases that your audience is looking for, but when you use terms that are not of equal search volume, you will have the advantage of offering more unique results with less competitiveness.

Because both high- and low-competition keywords can be of great benefit to your website, learning more about search volume can help you prioritize keywords and choose the ones that will provide your website with the best strategic advantage.

How to achieve that?

Here are some tips for you to improve your writing and grant the user a unique yet fulfilling experience

Always Value Quality Over Quantity

When writing a piece, your main focus should be providing the reader with high-quality content. One can write a 2000 words piece, trying to sell out a point, might fail. Whereas a 600 words article may offer the reader all the value & information they have been looking for, without them having to go through the hazard of reading extensively written articles.

Choose Your Headline Wisley

As obvious as this may sound, a good compelling headline is the key to successful piece. If the title was filled with complicated stuffing words it will drive the readers away, keep it short and simple.

Be Original

When you are on the hunt for your story, make sure that you’re not plagiarizing, write your own words. In some cases, when copying other people’s work, you could subject yourself to legal prosecution.

Interactive Content

As interesting and valuable as your piece may be, not including the right amount of pictures or videos makes your writing seem blunt and boring. Make sure to balance your writing with the visual content you are including in your article.

Keep it Interesting and Do Not Repeat

While you can find a thousand articles covering the same topic, it is your mission to choose your words smartly and keep it interesting for the audience without having to repeat yourself.

Know Your Goal

When you are assigned with an article, make sure you know what’s the goal behind the piece you’re writing, and do not be afraid to ask questions.

Look for Inspiration

Every once in a while you might find yourself suffering from a writer’s block, and that’s totally normal. There’s nothing wrong with checking out other people’s work for inspiration.

Know Your Audience

Always keep in mind the audience you’re targeting with your piece. They might be of a certain age or interest, when you specify that, you can tailor your writing to match that goal.

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