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The Magical Power of SEO against Climate Change 2022

impact of SEO on climate change

The Magical Power of SEO against Climate Change 2022

Have you ever heard about the impact of SEO on climate change?! Hard to believe!
The cutting of trees, the increase in the number of cows and sheep, and the high rate of industrial activity are among the most important reasons for the retention of greenhouse gases in the layers of the atmosphere.
But surfing the Internet causes climate change! It is surprising and mysterious to many.
Follow the SEO Agency guide to learn more about this phenomenon, and prove to you the effect of SEO on shaping public opinion on climate change.

How does web browsing affect climate change?

Each Google search produces about 0.2 grams of carbon dioxide. It just got more interesting to explore, right?!

Imagine how many searches are done per second! The latest statistics prove that approximately 65,000 searches are performed per second.
With a simple calculation, we conclude that the amount of carbon dioxide produced by Google search engines per second is about 13 kilograms!
That’s twice as much as an average car driving at 35 km/h!

What are the factors that contribute to the increase in carbon dioxide production through surfing the Internet?

  1. The visitor’s entry to several search results: This indicates a lack of confidence in the first search results that appear to him.
  2. Increase the time required to load the site.

Let’s give you a practical example:

A webpage that has a daily traffic rate of approximately 10,000 people, in addition to 12,000 visits from bots and search engines per day.
The total of these visits is up to 22,000 visits per day, and one visit causes the production of 0.2 grams of carbon dioxide. The average web page production per day becomes about 5 kilograms of carbon dioxide per day!.

Uncontrolled SEO pages will need a longer time to load, and therefore a greater need for energy and greater production of carbon dioxide.

What is the impact of SEO on Climate Change?

impact of SEO on climate change
Climate Change

After reading these terrifying numbers and statistics, should you quit using search engines forever?!
Of course not, it is not the solution we are looking for, dense factory gases do not make us stop working. The solution lies in reducing these emitted gases.
Search Engine Optimization is our way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from browsing. It can manage the above-mentioned risk factors

What are the key points in the SEO process?

  • Attractive Content.
  • Explore users’ search intentions.
  • Choosing suitable primary and secondary keywords.
  • Optimization title and meta description.
  • Add powerful and effective words to the article title.
  • Internal and external links.
  • Add images compatible with SEO.

SEO serves the global climate by doing two important things:

  1. Reduce your page load time from 4 seconds to about 0,5 seconds.
  2. SEO makes you worthy of being superior to your competitors and gives you the confidence of your customers.

Many other things reflect the importance of the impact of SEO on climate change.

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1- Attractive Content:

Your site has all the necessary improvements but it lacks the expected traffic, why?
You ask yourself this question over and over again without an answer. Why not try to take a look at your content?!.

Some of the factors that make your content unattractive:

  • Lack of information that visitors need.
  • Chaotic formatting of content.
  • Overfilling the content.
  • Long boring narrative.
  • The text lacks numbers, proportions, and statistics.

2- Explore users’ search intentions:

How do you choose your content? Suits you or suit your customers?.
You are creating your content to attract a broad base of customers. So you have to explore their desires and needs and what interests them by following social media, podcasts, and trends.

3- Choosing suitable primary and secondary keywords.

Make your keywords easy and try to distribute them in all sections of the content in a consistent way, away from stuffiness. You can also use a set of keyword tools like GuinRank.

4- Optimization title and meta description:

The title and meta description are two important elements in attracting the visitor’s interest, they must take into account the keywords, the phrases that catch the reader’s attention, and the numbers that grab arouse curiosity.

The meta description is not just a summary of the article! Rather, it is like an interesting advertisement that simply says “This article was created for you”

5- Add powerful and effective words to the article title:

impact of SEO on climate change
Powerful Words

Do you realize how important the content title is in capturing the hearts of visitors? Want to make your headlines resonant and memorable?
Use some powerful and emotional words that can easily convey your feelings to the reader.


6- Internal and external links:

Have you ever wondered about the importance of adding internal and external links to your articles? Can one be dispensed with?.
They help you increase your authority and improve ranking on search engines, so having them in your article is very important.
Internal links give visitors an interesting tour of your site and make them spend more time on your pages. This increases the likelihood of gaining more clients and customers.
External links give your content more credibility by linking it to a group of valuable sites and references.

7- Add images compatible with SEO.

Visual content always has its say and impact on your visitors, especially if it has the following three characteristics:

  1. Images and videos that serve the type of content on the site.
  2. High  Quality.
  3. Adequate image size that does not affect page loading speed.

To add an SEO-friendly image:

  • Add keywords in the image alt text.
  • Add a description of the image containing all the elements seen.
  • Add a caption that fits the content.

Effect of SEO on shaping public opinion on climate change?

impact of SEO on climate change
Impact Of SEO On Climate Change

2022 will be full of conferences and symposia whose main concern will be to find real solutions to the global warming disaster.

Experts praised the effect of SEO on shaping public opinion on climate change and its role in reducing the gases emitted into the atmosphere, which contribute significantly to Global Warming through:
1- Raising the quality of the content provided and thus browsing fewer sites.
2- Increased web page loading speed resulting in lower power consumption.

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It doesn’t come as a surprise to you anymore, the world is starting to pay the price for going virtual.
It is now clear the impact of SEO on climate change and that it is an indispensable weapon against the catastrophe of global warming.

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