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Where is Prince Hamzah? SEO Case Study

Where is Prince Hamza

Where is Prince Hamzah? SEO Case Study

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Prince Hamzah bin Hussien has been a trend in Jordan and around the world lately, in this post, we test ranking for “Where is Prince Hamzah?” as there is no official news yet, and major news publishers are not answering this question directly, let us see if Google can detect user’s intent.

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AllinTitle: Where is Prince Hamzah?

When adjusting Google Search Settings for only in the title search, there are no results except few tweets and a Youtube Video, no web results despite the trending hashtag on Twitter, unfortunately there no search volume Data yet! despite the significant peak shown in Google Trends, where using Google own Keyword Planner tool there is no Data as well.

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DuckDuckgo is known for its privacy, and less biased results, yet when search for Where is Prince Hamza? there are no sufficient results yet, the SERP looks exactly like searching for the Shorter-Tail Keyword “Prince Hamza”

DuckDuckGo does not crawl the internet, it inherits Google’s Index, but display the results differently, this is a test if Google is going to index this post and pass it on to DuckDuckGo, or both will never display it when searching for the exact title.

Where is Prince Hamzah


WordTracker Keyword Search Volume

When crawling google results with wordtracker for “Where is Prince Hamzah” there are zero results, and when searching for Prince Hamzah, the historical Data shows no disruption in the past 7 days, as if the search volume is not affected by the recent searches.

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#Where_is_Prince_Hamzah on Twitter
The trend on Twitter has reached over 45 K tweets in Arabic only, yet Google brings no answers, it could be that due to Jordan’s recent ban on publishing information regarding the issue, but global news publishers are covering the issue in detail.

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