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What Does The King of SEO Look Like?

Image SEO King

What Does The King of SEO Look Like?

Ranking well for a term like “Image SEO King” is something Craig Campbell does in his SEO Mastermind since he constantly wants to try new things and wants to see if folks simply talk the talk or actually accomplish something. The test aimed to examine how quickly a person could rank an image using their own website or by utilizing the resources of any other platform.

SEO Agency can agree with Craig Campbell (the creator of Image SEO king idea) that image SEO is quite simple and so powerful at the same time because images are a crucial source of knowledge about the contents of your website. By adding information to an image sitemap, you may provide Google with more information about your photographs and provide the URL of any images we might not otherwise find.

How is an image ranked on Google?

Image SEO King
SEO Image Optimization | Image SEO King

First off, you would need to make sure that you fill out the title, and alt text, alter the file name and fill out any EXIF data if you were intending to target a phrase like “Image SEO King,” which receives little to no search volume. However, you can use a chrome addon like SEO meta in one click and a google search to find out how the competitors are using their photographs. You might be surprised to learn that many individuals aren’t really optimizing these photographs.

Does the Image’s Size Affect Image SEO King?

It is important to optimize your photographs as much as you can. Some people claim that Google Discover will pick up larger images, so it depends on what you want to accomplish. All I’ll say is that I believe you will fall behind if your image is 3000 kb and everyone else’s is 70 kb and compressed. Instead of claims and figures posted at random, take another look at the image sizes of what is now ranking.

Is WebP superior to JPEG?

WebP file sizes are 24-34 percent less than Jpegs, according to numerous case studies conducted by experts in the field, and they are increasingly being employed. This was shown in a WebP comparative study, which you may view here.

Which Sites are Appropriate for Image SEO?

You could upload an image to Twitter to take advantage of the network’s capabilities, but there are many other places as well. Choose one that lets you alter the title and alt text as well as make the most of the platform.

Other websites that you might want to use because of the strength of their platforms include:

  • Flicker \sPintrest

There are a ton more, but these are some of the platforms that I would advise you to use initially if you want to become the Image SEO King and are more powerful than your typical social networking platforms.

I believe Pinterest to be one of the most widely utilized platforms for picture SEO, and I have used it for this image ranking competition. However, I’m not sure how quickly it gets indexed. You could be discouraged by the fact that you have only 24 hours to complete this game.

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