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Got a Couple of Questions About Content Marketing for ECommerce in 2021 on your mind? Here’s All You Need to Know and More.

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Got a Couple of Questions About Content Marketing for ECommerce in 2021 on your mind? Here’s All You Need to Know and More.

As someone who works in content marketing for e-commerce, you need to recognize that customers want more from you than just the goods & services you provide them, and you understand that generating and distributing valuable content not only attracts them but also creates trust in them. Moreover, it helps you in attracting new shoppers and maybe converting them into devoted customers.

Even though that the market is crawling with businesses constantly trying to develop their content marketing game, they are still somehow stuck in limbo regarding where to focus efforts, is it driving more traffic? what type of content is best to focus on? what strategies benefit their businesses most? the list goes on and on.

However, making your business stand out from your competitors, building user trust, and taking the lead in your industry will not be hard once you figure out what drives the market. The following guide will help your business to fly and prosper with simple do’s and don’ts and the key terms to content marketing for eCommerce.

First, lets take a quick look on a list of the most important terms in the world of content marketing for ecommerce:

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B2B – Business-to-business marketing, as the name implies, is the advertising of goods or services to other businesses and organizations, allowing businesses to create content to establish their brand, connect with their target audience, and prove their credibility/authority

Analysis – meaning, data organization, and processing to establish trends or patterns, uncover opportunities, studying market dynamics, evaluate progress on goals and performance, and better comprehend user behaviour.

Conversion – According to Semrush, the conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who come to a website and perform a certain action or conversion. There are 2 types of conversion: micro-conversion where a customer does not make a sale, and there’s macro conversion where makes use of the offered service like purchasing or subscribing, which is the ultimate goal of any business.

Conversion Funnel – The ongoing mission of acquiring, retaining, and expanding your client base while utilizing technology and other available resources to meet their demands more efficiently.

Split Testing – an approach used for optimizing website statistics (such as clicks or conversions) that involve publishing alternative versions of a page and exposing each version to different users to determine which performs better.

Buyer Persona – a detailed description of your targeted audience or clients, which helps you in generating more valuable and useful content.

Content Promotion – the act of distributing your services and content via organic and paid channels, which includes PPC ads, syndication, email marketing, social media, etc.

SEO – standing for Search Engine Optimization, it is a technique of increasing the quality and quantity of search engine traffic to a website or web page. SEO focuses on unpaid traffic rather than direct or bought visitors.

Content Engagement – employing purposeful, resourceful material to drive more followers and users to engage with the content & services you, as a business, have to offer.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) – a type of performance measurement to evaluate the success of the performance of a certain business objective.

Lead Generation – it is the process of incorporating a potential consumer into your sales funnel. In content marketing, this can be accomplished by providing visitors with rich content, such as an ebook, in exchange for their email address.

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Now you understand the important basic terms, lets move on what you should and shouldn’t be doing while executing your content marketing for ecommerce.

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Follow up with these following practices to make the best out of your business plan and achieve the best ROI rates.

DO Craft Your Content Wisely

One of the mistakes people do when they plan their content marketing strategies is focusing only on SEO neglecting the other sides that take part in the process. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with designing your content and services to fit specific search engine optimization while also crafting well-researched, high-quality content.

DO Address the Various Aspects of the Buying Cycle

Getting customers visits on your website does not mean all customers are buyers, some are just there to check out the website, some haven’t decided on what they want yet, some are not even convinced and they might never. Try to focus on creating content for each and every stage of the buyer cycle, to ensure maximum benefits for both parties, customers & business owners.

DO Keep Your Website Interesting

Before you start spending money on your advertisement, there are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself: are customers going to have a pleasant experience? do they have all the information they need to be listed out? does the website load fast enough or are the customers going to be bored and eventually leave?

Remember, answering these questions leads to either hooking up your customers and acquiring their loyalty, or they will be going to other websites that provide them with what they’re looking for.

DO Focus On High Quality Visual Content

Offering your users high-quality, carefully designed pictures and videos is the key. Customers can be very critical when it comes to the visual appearance of services, sometimes it can be the thin line between them buying or ignoring your product. Having professional graphic designers and photographers can be a great addition to building an A-team that keeps your business on the rise.

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DO NOT Over Advertise

In 2021, your content marketing for eCommerce strategy should mainly focus on the principle “Quality Over Quantity”. Your content should focus on valuable information, rather than flooding customers with spam, unnecessary messages.

In the upcoming year, most brands should focus their efforts on restoring and sustaining customer trust, as well as portraying themselves as the authority on important relevant questions. And what is the most effective strategy to accomplish this you may ask? it is genuinely useful information.

DO NOT Jump on Every Trend

Although following hot trends can be very tempting, but jumping on the bandwagon at every opportunity you come across can do you more harm than good. Some trends flare-up in the market without actually having any benefit whatsoever, others end up having the effect everyone has been waiting for.

Bottom line is that following trends is not always harmful to your business, as long as you are doing the proper research before adopting it. A trend must be logical and make sense for your company. Just because something is new and everyone is doing it doesn’t mean you have to, especially if it doesn’t meet your company’s values.

DO NOT Put Locks to Your Creativity

As the world moves forward, so does content marketing. Even though at the beginning, most companies had their content marketing relied heavily only on blog posts, now it isn’t enough.

With the easily accessible technologies emerging into the market, it’s becoming easier than ever for businesses to reach large audiences and achieve better effects with new formats. For example; podcasts, youtube videos, etc.

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