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All Types of Keywords you Have to Know

Types of Keywords

All Types of Keywords you Have to Know

Everyone is aware that using types of keywords is one approach to guarantee that your website is ranked correctly and in line with your goals. You probably wouldn’t want your website to rank for books or washing machines if you sell vacuum cleaners.

SEO Agency will examine the different categories of keywords in this piece that you may utilize to your advantage to boost traffic from organic search. The details below will be helpful for anyone who has just created a website or doesn’t yet have enough knowledge of SEO in general.


Let’s Learn More About Different Types of Keywords

types of keywords SEO
GEO-Targeting Keywords

There are several Adwords keyword kinds and many SEO types of keywords as well, and we can’t group them all together based on a single category because they all aim to do different things.

Some can be a little more precise than others; some are longer than others; some are shorter than others; the user purpose varies depending on the different types of keywords.


1) Long-tail And Short-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are one of the most important types of keywords, and typically have more than three words in them. If you concentrate on employing them, you will be able to target the appropriate audience because they are a little more specialized. They are frequently simpler to rank for than their short-tail counterparts because they typically have lower search volumes, providing that you aren’t in a very competitive niche.

Short-tail keywords are typically generic and comprised of fewer than three to four words, which makes them extremely competitive.

They’re also not particularly precise, so if you, for example, sell Dyson vacuum cleaners and you’re headquartered in a particular area, and someone searches for “vacuum cleaner,” there’s a strong possibility they won’t find your website.


2) Fresh or Evergreen Keywords

Types of Keywords
Keywords Kinds

In some cases, it’s simple to rank for new types of keywords if a person, event, or other thing gains a lot of popularity quickly. However, such keywords typically see an increase in search volume followed by a sharp decline.

As a result, as time passes and the news loses its relevance, the pages or articles you publish on your website around that specific keyword are likely to receive a decreasing amount of visitors.

Evergreen keywords, on the other hand, are ones that people consistently search for and, more crucially, those they will always search for. Even while the search volume of such terms may not be as great as that of their fresh counterparts, they are more stable, thus they will consistently drive a portion of organic traffic.

More importantly, you won’t have added any “useless” pages or posts to your website, which will eventually use up some of your crawl budgets without any rhyme or reason.


3) Geo-targeting Keywords

These are terms that refer to establishments or events taking place in a certain area. The search volume for many of them is rather low, but they also have a low competitive rate. As a result, when someone searches for a “plumber in Glasgow,” they only want that, not an electrician or a plumber in another city.

Such types of keywords have the advantage of ensuring a high conversion rate, making them crucial for local firms or those who ship goods to a certain area.


4) Intent-targeting Keywords

Intent-targeting keywords are one of the best types of keywords that marketers and website owners may utilize to their benefit, whether they are transactional, informative, or commercial.

The purpose of informational keyword types is to inform your audience; commercial keyword types allow you to offer people goods; transactional keyword types are frequently used by customers who are already comparing products or online retailers.

Buy water boiler, best water boiler for the money, inexpensive water boiler, and more variations on the same theme are examples of classic buyer-intent keywords.


5) Generic Keywords

These types of keywords are as broad as their names imply, making it nearly difficult to rank them. Furthermore, they have no specific function. It won’t be of any assistance to you if someone searches for “hair dye” in a certain way.

Furthermore, if your website contains articles on hair dye, you’ll probably rank for that term anyhow since you’ll employ it naturally in your content. Of course, since there is so much competition for these keywords, even if you do rank for them, you’ll probably appear on page 100 or higher.


In general, it’s preferable to conduct your keyword research with as much specificity as you can. If not, you will pass out worthwhile chances to boost search traffic.

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