The Unprecedented Google Update Turned to be a Bug

A massive update was detected by the SEO community yesterday August 10th, turned to be a false alarm as Google spokesman confirmed Google Update turned to be a bug and it’s fixed around  11:30pm ET on August 10th.

Webmasters Mania

it started with Barry Schwartz tweeting on a Google core algorithm update is being rolled out, many webmasters tweeted back unrealistic spikes in their charts, we’ve been expecting a Google Update at this time of year, the rank checking tools were not all updated, some Ahref charts showed a clear disturbance in rankings.


At first, many SERPs were changed, ranking irrelevant old directories on top placings, based on their DA (Domain Authority), the factor that Google always assure it’s not a thing, but the Bug indicated that they are using it, it’s up to Rand Fishkin to share the data he claims that he has, the Domain Authority as Moz defines it is the overall ranking ability of a domain, calculated upon a lot of factors – majorly links – on a scale from 0-100.


Our own website, have lost few rankings but showed on many irrelevant results, causing a spike in impressions, and a drop in CTR.

Google Search Console Chart August 10th

John Mueller from Google Search replied to Barry that it’s a bug and it’s being fixed.

🍌 John 🍌 @JohnMu I don't have all the details yet, but it seems like this was a glitch on our side and has been fixed in the meantime. If someone could fix the other 2020-issues, that would be great. 7:42 AM · Aug 11, 2020

Let's Over analyze that a lil

I don’t Have all the details yet
Understandable, it’s impossible to have all the details at any given time.



But it Seems Like this was a glitch on our side and has been fixed in the meantime.
Glitches happen, it’s part of the industry, now Google doesn’t usually admit Glitches and Bugs from their side, but he seem to be more transparent than his regular, this could be due to the recent pressure on Big G after the congressmen hearing.
Everyone expecting Google to not abuse search domination to promot his own products and platforms.
it’s worth mentioning that during this glitch, queries that usually trigger a local pack, were pushed down the SERP, showing more organic results, yet more directory pages, but still a good sign if that would be Google’s approach in the future.


If someone could fix the other 2020-issues.

we assume he referring to Google January issues with indexing – Caffeine Indexing- issues will never end that’s a part of the industry.

Yet the cause of the bug was not explained.


Later on, Google Webmasters confirmed fixing the issue from their end, and the SEO community agrees things are back somewhat to normal.


Caffeine Index

Since it’s launch -Google’s indexing software – caffeine proved to be much faster in indexing webpages, it’s said that it’s almost indexing real time, and it’s possible, Ahref indexing crawls 5million pages a day, and they have the biggest budget among all SEO tools, yet their crawling capabilities is incomparable to Google’s.


Yet the software is not yet stable enough.
Caffeine was announced back in 2010, with future in mind
Caffeine performs many things including:

1. Extract Link, OG, and Meta Data.
2. Extract and computes user generated signals.

3. Scheduling new crawls.
4. ingesting Fetchlogs.


Gary Illes from Google.

The Conclusion

If this turned to be a bug, SEO community are expecting upcoming core updates with the same tremendous effect – hopefully for better and more relevant results – in the near future, the search landscape should be clearer in September 2020.


None of the update forecast tools anticipated an update after May and June updates, so let’s wait and judge silently.
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