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What is a Web Crawler or Web Spider?

Web Crawlers

What is a Web Crawler or Web Spider?

Understanding technical SEO and how it all works might be challenging. But in order to enhance our websites and attract a wider audience, it’s critical that we learn as much as we can. The web crawler is one instrument that is crucial to search engine optimization.
SEO Agency will discover what web crawlers are in this text, how they operate, and why they ought to visit your website.


What is a web crawler?


A web crawler, commonly referred to as a web spider, is a bot that browses and catalogs online content. In essence, web crawlers are in charge of comprehending the information on a web page so they can extract it in response to a query.

Who controls these web crawlers, you may be thinking.

Typically, search engines run web crawlers using their own algorithms. In order to identify relevant data in answer to a search query, the algorithm will instruct the web crawler on how to do so.

All online pages on the internet that a web spider can find and is instructed to index will be searched (crawled) and categorized. So, if you don’t want your website to be noticed by search engines, you can tell a web crawler not to crawl it.

An upload of a robots.txt file is required for this. A robots.txt file essentially instructs a search engine how to crawl and index the pages on your website.

Let’s look at Nike.com/robots.txt as an illustration.


Web Spider or Web Crawler
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To control which links on their website would be crawled and indexed, Nike employed its robot.txt file.

Web Crawler or Web Spider
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It was found in this section of the file that:

  • The first seven URLs were made accessible to the web crawler Baiduspider.
  • It was forbidden for the web crawler Baiduspider to access the final three links.

Because some of Nike’s pages aren’t intended to be searched, the forbidden links won’t have an impact on the company’s optimized pages, which boost their search engine rankings.

How do web crawlers carry out their tasks given that we are aware of what they are? Let’s go through web crawlers’ operations below.


How do web crawlers work?


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