Is Content Length a Google Ranking Factor?

Length of Content for SEO

Is Content Length a Google Ranking Factor?

Does the length of content for SEO so important? or let’s say, does having more words help you rank higher in Google searches? Find out if it affects the rankings here.

The length of content and whether it affects rankings seems to be one of the most persistent topics of discussion in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but it isn’t a ranking factor on Google!

There are suggestions that word count influences search results and that Google considers content with a high word count to be of higher quality.

Let’s look into those assertions and resolve the controversy surrounding word count as a ranking criterion.

The Claim: Content-Length Influences Ranking

Length of Content for SEO
Length of Content For SEO isn’t a Google Ranking Factor

Having more material than rivals is supposed to improve search rankings since the content is king.

According to SEO experts, a higher word count can aid in reaching higher ranking places because it is thought that word count is a sign of the quality of the content.

Some experts even go so far as to suggest a particular word count as the “sweet spot” for appearing on Google’s front page.

These assertions cause marketers and businesses to believe that in order to compete with Google, their content must be expanded to include a specific word count.

The Case for Ranking Factors Considering Length of Content for SEO

We have a lot of data to base this part on because it is commonly questioned if Google considers word count to be a ranking factor.

It is evident from all the available data that word count is not a ranking determinant.

In response to an SEO’s question about how to evaluate word counts in a SERP, Google’s John Mueller states just that in a Reddit thread.

He claims:

The number of words or length of content for SEO is not a ranking criterion. Try to avoid the trouble.

Here’s another tweet from Mueller indicating that word count is not a factor in determining the quality of content:

“Word count does not necessarily indicate quality. Many of the words on some pages are silent. Some pages contain just a few words, but those words are crucial and pertinent to searches. You are the best judge of your content’s need for the intricacies because you (ideally) know it the best.

In yet another instance, Mueller cautions that including more content on a page won’t improve it from Google’s perspective:

The number of words on a page is neither a ranking nor quality criteria in our opinion.

Thus, improving a page by simply adding more text doesn’t work.

Our Opinion on Length of Content for SEO as a Ranking Factor

When ranking search results, Google is primarily concerned with meeting user intent.

If a searcher needs to know something, it can take 50 words, 100 words, or 1,000 words to say it. Those figures will change depending on the inquiry.

A shorter piece of information is more than effective for ranking on the first page if a user is looking for a quick response to a question.

Extending the content to meet an arbitrary word count serves no useful purpose.

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