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Arabic Keyword Research Tools for Arabic Websites

تحسين محركات البحث العربية

Arabic Keyword Research Tools for Arabic Websites

Complete Guide for Arabic Keyword Research

If you work on an Arabic website or an Arabic version of a multilingual website, you must go through Arabic keyword research, researching keywords in English is not a straightforward process, there are many considerations to be aware of, Keyword Volume, Click Through Rate, Conversion Rate, Keyword difficulty, Keyword Roadmap and much more.


The actual secret for keyword research and ranking, in general, is to find a topic where there are very few resources for that answer it, Arabic Keyword Research for example, and create a page that brings value and meet the searcher’s intent, its the easiest way to rank 🙂 we hope you find it helpful.


Luckily for English SEO, there are endless tools to help you determine where to start, but Arabic Keyword research for Arabic websites! well… it takes much more digging into the data and test like no tomorrow.


Given that Arabic searchers do not use formal Arabic in their search queries, each region has its own lingo and terminologies, many Arabic users use English search queries, adding that the industry-standard keyword research tools like AhrefsSEMRushMOZ, are not yet sophisticated enough to provide proper Arabic keywords data, it all boils down to your own research and the business niche you work on.

However, for a start, you can use SEMRush and Ahref free membership to plug in your own website, and hopefully, if there is enough search volume for the topic you work on, it will provide enough data to prepare your Arabic keyword research.

Given that said, SEO for Arabic websites still carries huge opportunities for Businesses in the Middle East and North Africa region, due to the poor competition, check our previous post to know to discover potential gains for your business.

Arabic Keyword Research

Arabic Keyword Research Tools

Unfortunately, to do proper Arabic keyword research for Arabic websites you need to go manual, investigate the SERP, see what Google is already rewarding and try to reverse engineer your Arabic website accordingly, install Keywords Everywhere plugin, to get a better understanding of what keywords are trending, and people also searched for keywords below the page, you must tackle the term from all angles.


Also, one of the best Arabic keyword research strategies is available right in the search bar, just start typing letter by letter, check and investigate what keyword suggestion you are getting, Google displays variations of each keyword upon search Volume, now we are not suggesting to only go for High volume Arabic keywords, those are probably highly competitive unless your Arabic website has high authority compared to your competitors, don’t compete for head-on for short-tailed keywords, consider easier ones and build your authority and engagement with long-tailed keywords.


Arabic SEO Keyword Research

Google Arabic Keyword Planner for SEO


Another helpful tool would Google’s own keyword planner, and it’s free if you run paid ads, and it’s getting better day by day, as more Arabic searches are happening, Google’s machine learning algorithms are tracing all searches happening on its platform, but the figures are still rough estimates, for example, the keyword “SEO Company Jordan” would have higher Volume over “SEO Agency Jordan” where “SEO Agency Amman or SEO Company Amman would have less than 10 searches per month.


It’s still worth its cost to benefit to keep both keywords in mind, especially that SEO Agency would have a better conversion rate, as SEO company searches are majorly done by job seekers, but potential clients search for SEO Agency.


Also, in a recent MOZ conference 2019, Rand Fishkin showed how huge Long-tail keywords are driving the majority of traffic as short-tailed ones are triggering featured snippets, snippets are great for brand awareness, but long-tailed Arabic keywords are easier to rank, and there are fewer ads too!


Plus, searchers are asking Google more complex questions, and Google with the new Passage indexing is able to get more accurate answers for such queries, satisfy the searchers intent by creating a long-form of content, and increase your Arabic website E-A-T, Expertise, Authority and Trust.



Types of Arabic Keywords

There are a number of Adwords keyword kinds, as well as SEO keyword types, and we can’t group them all into a single category because they accomplish different things.

Some keywords are more particular than others, some are longer than others, and the user intent varies depending on the keyword kinds.


Is it better to have a long-tail or a short-tail keyword?
Long-tail keywords are those that have more than three words in them. They are more particular, so if you concentrate on employing them, you will be able to target the proper audience. Because they have smaller search volumes than their short-tail equivalents, they’re frequently easier to rank for, as long as you’re not in a highly competitive niche.

Short-tail keywords are made up of fewer than three to four words and are frequently generic, which makes them quite competitive.


Whether it’s fresh or evergreen keywords
If an event, person, or something else becomes extremely famous in a short period of time, it can be rather straightforward to rank for new keywords. However, in most circumstances, the search traffic for such phrases increases briefly before rapidly decreasing.


As a result, the pages or posts you generate on your site around that keyword will likely receive less and less traffic as time passes, and the news will be of no relevance.


Geo-targeting keywords
These are terms that refer to businesses or activities that take place in a certain location. Many of them have low search traffic, but they also have a low rate of competition. They’re search-specific, so if someone searches for a “plumber in Saudi Arabia,” they’re searching for a plumber in Riyadh, not an electrician or a plumber in another city.


Such keywords have the advantage of ensuring a high conversion rate, which is important for local firms or those who distribute products to a certain location.


Intent-targeted keywords
Intent-targeting keywords are among the best Google keyword kinds that marketers and website owners may utilize to their benefit, whether they are transactional, informational, or commercial.


Informational keyword types are used to simply educate your audience; commercial keyword types are used to offer stuff to customers, and transactional keyword types are frequently utilized by users who are already comparing products or online stores.

Traditional buyer-intent keywords include phrases such as “purchase water boiler,” “best water boiler for the money,” “cheap water boiler,” and other variations on the subject.



SERP Arabic SEO Keywords Tools


Another awesome trick our Arabic SEO Experts use is chrome extensions with regional filters, there are endless extensions to keep within your SEO toolkit.


Websurfer: Keyword Surfer is a 100% free extension that allows you to see search volumes directly in Google search results.



SEO Minion: helps you in your daily SEO tasks such as On-Page SEO analysis, Broken Link Checking, SERP Preview and more.



Keyword Finder: If you’re looking for a keyword tool that’s easy to use, especially for novices, KWFinder could be the option for you. It comes with a slew of useful features, which we go over in detail in our KWFinder review below.


If you opt to acquire a subscription and use this tool for keyword research, you’ll have access to the following metrics:


(It’s computed a little differently than the keyword difficulty value displayed by other tools, but we’ll explain more below) Keyword SEO difficulty:


The number of searches per month (on average, in the past year)
Average click-through-rate
The volume of searches is increasing.
Competition in PPC


You may also use lists to organize your terms, however, this is a function that is more useful with other tools. The Autocomplete tool in KWFinder allows you to locate more ideas, which is a good bonus.



Keywords Lockup: it’s a free Google Chrome Extension, which will show you the monthly Search Volume of keywords. An SEO’s can quickly get the Keyword Search Volume as well as CPC and Adword Difficulties.


Here is a Screen Shot of the best SEO tools for Arabic searches in action:

Arabic SEO Agency

Arabic SEO Keywords Conclusion

That’s how the other side of the SEO matrix look like for a digital marketer, in-depth data and analysis are the best Arabic SEO tools, nothing can beat accurate insights.

Arabic SEO Keyword Research for Arabic Websites is messy, there is no silver bullet to guarantee web rankings, however, you can apply best practices, gather all needed data, and set a keyword map to target achievable goals, by testing and practising on your own, and connect with our SEO consultants to help you set the right goals for your Arabic website.


Another helpful tool we came across recently is InLinks, developed by Dixon Jones from Majestic, it does not support Arabic but you can plug in the URL you work on it will give your topical and semantic keywords, then you can apply it to your research, along with FAQs, consider it as Google Trends on Steroids, it was helpful for us and so should you.


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